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The Top 4 Benefits of Being a Nurse

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Although tough at times, nursing can be rewarding.

Although tough at times, nursing can be rewarding.

Being a nurse can be hard. Draining. Frustrating. Even horrible at times. You may have forgotten after being a nurse for so long that there actually are advantages to being a nurse. We have put together a list of the 4 top reasons nurses have told us they love their nursing jobs. So whether you’re an old time nurse and forgot why you ever wanted to become one, or a nurse in the making – this list is for you!

1. Portability

The number one reason why nursing is so favorable is because you can practically take it anywhere you go! When you’re starting off at college you may not really be sure where life will take you and where you will end up living. Nursing is one of those professions that you can use your degree mostly anywhere by reciprocating your degree. (There are different requirements for every State Board of Nursing, but the process is pretty simple everywhere.)

2. Flexible Schedule

Let’s put it this way – as a nurse you are not locked into a 9-5 work schedule. You can choose 8, 10, 12 hour shifts during the day, weekends, or nights. The options are endless and you can create a schedule that fits your schedule best. If you prefer a more structured, routine schedule, you can choose a nursing job at a school or something more of that nature.

3. Change of Pace

Face it- we get bored easily. Sitting at a computer for hours a day can get so monotonous it’s hard to stay awake. When you’re a nurse things are never the same. Different patients, different scenarios, possibly different settings. Each situation brings challenge, some you may have never done before. And that is exciting!

4. Scrubs

Oh yeah! I think all nurses will agree that scrubs take the cake. Who wouldn’t want to wear pj’s to work? Nurses stay comfy all day in their uniforms. Better than street clothes, better than business suits and heels for sure! Of course, some scrubs are not all that comfortable and can be quite stiff. Make sure to buy super soft stretchy scrubs like the Dickies Xtreme Stretch scrubs.

If you have any benefits you think we should know about, let us know! We’d love to hear.

How To Properly Wash Your Scrubs at Home

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It can be really frustrating that scrubs fade over time. You buy ’em spanking; the color is bright and deep just the way you like it. But just a few washes later they’re a distant relative of the color they once were.

It can also be quite unnerving to think of all the bacteria on your scrubs. After a 12 hour shift scrubs are anything but sanitary. Well, just to name a few – a few different patients’ blood may have ended up on various parts of your attire, there may be some bodily extractions around your mid body region and of course, some spilled food is inevitable. Something tells me the washing machine just won’t cut it. Are you really doing the right thing when washing scrubs at home?

We have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for your scrub wash routine so that your scrubs stay true in color and can be super sanitary as well as.

The need to be autoclaved is real! Washing just doesn't feel enough.

The need to be autoclaved is real!


  • Wash your scrubs with half a cup of white distilled vinegar with every load. This will help set the color and help the scrubs from bleeding and fading.
  • Turn your scrubs inside out before you wash them. When the scrubs are washed inside out, it will help with fading too.
  • If you can, take your scrubs on and off at work. Place them in closed bag and wash them at home. This will minimize the amount of bacteria that will contaminate your scrubs on your way home.
  • Wash your scrubs separate from your regular clothing to minimize the spread of bacteria.
  • 100% Cotton scrubs should be washed in cold water, 65% Cotton/35% Poly scrubs should be washed in warm water.
  • Dry your scrubs in the dryer halfway, then line dry.


  • Don’t overstuff the washing machine when washing scrubs. Scrubs need plenty of room to move around in order get clean.
  • Avoid washing your scrubs in hot water. Hot water can set stains and decrease the quality of your scrubs.
  • Don’t toss your scrubs in the dryer until they are bone dry.

And while you’re ahead, save yourself some grief and purchase good quality scrubs that will last you a lifetime! The Cherokee Workwear Stretch scrubs are the basic Workwear on a whole new level. The most popular top is the Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4748 mock wrap scrub top.

Wash well and keep clean!

How to Feel Summer Even at Work

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You can feel Summer at work too!

You can feel Summer at work too!

When we were kids, summer was vacation. Now as adults, it can be anything but!

It’s hard to work in the summer. The shift seems longer, the hours seem to stretch and go by ever so slowly. It’s funny how in the winter months, work seems so much shorter, quicker and exciting! Hands down, it’s the weather that looks so enticing on the drive to work. The sun is shining, the children are at day camp and the beach is beckoning for our arrival! The last thing we want to do is spend our days indoors.

When the work days seem endless and you just want to run outside and skip home, there are ways that you can give yourself an easy summer boost. Firstly, if you have windows at work, pull those blinds up and let the sun fill the room. It’s cool how much less isolated you’ll feel when you can actually see what’s going on outdoors and let the sun shine in. If you don’t have windows at work or the sunlight won’t quite do it for you, go ahead and take a 5 minute stroll outside. This can do wonders! You’ll feel refreshed, energized and like you’re actually getting time in the sun. Eat your lunch outdoors and you’ll feel even better!

Cherokee Scoop Neck Top 3819B

Cherokee 3819B Scrub Top Summery Print

Another easy idea to get the clock to tick faster is to listen to music on the job. If you’re in an office, turn your favorite radio show on low volume on your computer. If you’re occupation entails more movement, keep headphones or ear-buds on you to connect to your phone or iPod. Your favorite songs are bound to keep you entertained. The most important tip we have – do all the menial tasks in the morning. Get the more boring work out of the way first thing in the morning when your attention is sharper and you are more enthusiastic.

Believe it or not, what you’re wearing has great impact on how you feel. Don those summery, fresh, bright clothes and you’ll be enjoying the summer from indoors as well. The Cherokee 3819B scrub top has so much personality. Or try the Cherokee Workwear Stretch Top 4727 in the color Shocking Pink, for a full on summer feel.

So even if you’re doing a staycation this summer, it can be as refreshing as you make it out to be!

Happy Chocolate Day!

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Happy Chocolate Day!

Happy Chocolate Day!

I’ll bet you didn’t know there was a National Chocolate Day. It actually happens every July 7th. Now that’s a day I would like to religiously observe!

I don’t care why, how or who this day came about. I’m just psyched. An entire day on which I am granted full permission to just eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and supper. Mmm, thinking of all the possibilities are mouth watering!

I’m sure you know chocolate is made of cocoa beans which is actually a vegetable. It can’t be that bad, can it? Well, chocolate definitely has its health benefits. The seeds of the cocoa tree are rich in flavanols, like tea, which boast antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You’ll love the next perk, weight watchers! There was actually a study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine which confirmed that individuals who consumed more chocolate than others who did not, had a lower BMI. My favorite though, is that chocolate increases endorphin production, which releases feel-good feelings. Chocolate also contains serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4752 Top in the color chocolate

Chocolate Colored Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4752 Top

The downside to chocolate is that most chocolate bars and chocolate candy are packed with sugar. While it tastes heavenly, it won’t look that appealing once it hits your thighs. We do know an alternative that will definitely flatter your figure though! The Dickies EDS 810506 mock wrap top in the color Chocolate is the answer. Or try the new Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4752 v-neck top in the color chocolate with a contrasting turquoise blue color on the stitching. How pretty!

So here’s to celebrating chocolate! We wish you a Happy Chocolate Day with wise chocolate choices.