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Handling the Holidays

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happy thanksgivingToday is Thanksgiving. For the rest of the world this means vacation. As a nurse though, chances are you’ll be covering a regular shift. While not being able to spend this special time with close family and friends can be disappointing, you can still make the most of it by simply readjusting your attitude and approaching the situation from a different perspective. You’ll see it really isn’t too terrible to spend the holidays in your scrubs.

Plan a Fun Time With Your Co-workers:
No one said you can’t enjoy the holidays just because you’ll be spending it in the hospital. Your colleagues are practically family given the amount of time you spend together, so why not take advantage of that. Maybe plan a special meal together and have everyone bring their favorite dish from home, or organize a fun game to bring on the laughs.  You can even indulge in a little retail therapy by shopping for some fashionable new scrubs. Covering a shift when Black Friday begins? Not a problem. Simply visit Medical Discount Scrubs on the web and enjoy 25% off while you browse the latest and most stylish medical scrubs. They even carry maternity scrubs for all you moms-to-be.

Cheer Up the Patients:
Being in the hospital over the holidays is definitely not something a patient chooses. What’s more, they’re most likely feeling quite sick and missing those nearest and dearest to them. Lucky you though, after your shift is over you get to go home to your loved ones and enjoy whatever is left of the holiday. So take a step back, and instead of thinking about what you’re missing out on, go the extra mile and try to bring the holiday spirit to those under your care. Bring each of your patients a card, wear something fun and spunky, and just make sure to make the holidays all about them.

Be Grateful:
Don’t harp on the fact that you’re working and all your friends are not. Instead be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, such as the fact that you have a stable job which you actually enjoy, and the fact that you’re healthy while your patients are not.  As a plus, you’ll be getting holiday pay while you work to cheer up those around you, which you can then go and spend at Medical Discount Scrubs 25% off sale on Black Friday. Check out their Cherokee scrubs in particular; they’re oh so chic and super fashionable!

5 by 5: Reasons to be Thankful

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Nurses Rock!

I know what you’re thinking – I wish I can get paid more. It would be awesome to have just one more nurse on this shift. If only my nurse manager was a tad bit easier to communicate with, I’d be thankful. Or maybe I’d be thankful if the nurse before my shift actually stayed to explain what is going on the chaotic floor!

Yeah, nursing can be a pain in the neck, for the lack of better terms, and it can be quite frustrating at times (to say the least)! So with thanksgiving around the corner, here are a 5 things every nurse can be thankful for!

1) Comfortable Scrubs

Back in the day, scrubs were legit paper. Maybe even sand paper. Imagine wearing those for 12 hours shifts! Ugh, that would suck. Nowadays, scrubs are even comfier than the typical professional work wear.  I’m pretty sure even the cheaper scrubs are more comfortable than those sterile, awkward business suits.

2) Technology

Imagine memorizing the enormous amount of medical terminology. My brain would be overloaded! With just a tap on the screen on your phone, you can now access all the information you need. From medications and definitions, to measurements and charting, it’s all there on an app.

3) Never a Dull Moment

There were days at my office job where it was just so dead boring that I just couldn’t help it – my eyelids drooped. It’s difficult not to fall asleep at jobs like those. And it’s not because there is nothing to do, it’s just so unstimulating. Well with nursing, you definitely don’t need to be worried about that! Whether it’s that call button (again!) or if it’s the regular vitals check, you’re never bored.

4) Predictable Weather

It’s so much nicer to watch the snow fall to the ground from the indoors. The heat is blasting and I’m comfortable.

5) “When you are a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” 

Let’s face it. Nursing is a career that demands a lot from us. But what I get in return offers me so much more. The feeling of being completely selfless, being there for someone else is simply irreplaceable. And for that I am thankful.

A Look Inside the MDS Offices

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Medical Discount Scrubs

A Peek Into Medical Discount Scrubs Offices

It snowed for the first day here in Jersey! We at Medical Discount Scrubs shuffled in this morning feeling blustery and cold. Inside our offices though, cold is far from what we feel. Cuz the kitchen is fully stocked here at MDS, and brewing our own Kuerig coffee is what makes us tick! So after stomping the snow off of our boots – that’s when the gaiety begins.

There is always something going on at our offices in Howell. Just two days ago we had a show for a new line of scrubs coming out in Spring of 2014 – oh, are they sassy! It’s cool to see the new up and coming styles and colors! And shhh…we also get our first picks at what we want here so that we have ’em before you grab ’em.

Corporate meetings are official yet the sense of camaraderie is unbelievable. Jokes are made in good humor, lunch is on the house and it’s more time to get to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Fun part is, we also do birthday parties, baby showers and holiday gifts and celebrations. So that keeps the friendships and social situation intact and joyful. Back in August, we had one of our customer service representatives move to New York. We couldn’t just let her leave Medical Discount Scrubs – if you know what I’m sayin’. So we threw her a bash and got her a gift. It’s for workplaces like these that scrubs were created!

It’s always a warm feeling to meet a fellow associate at the kitchen and stop for a little coffee break. We’re all a team when it comes to Medical Discount Scrubs, and we feel it too!