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Will Work for Cash

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We can all use a little extra cash. I mean, who can’t?? Maybe you need the cash for that summer getaway you’ve been fantasizing about, or maybe you want to buy your man a little something special in honor of his upcoming birthday. Or maybe (I should say probably!) you just need more money to get by day to day! Here are a few ways you nurses can pull in some extra cash. Happy spending!

Extra Shifts:

Need extra cash? Work an extra shift. Yup, it’s as simple as that! Just inform your supervisor that you’re interested in taking on additional shifts, and you’re good to go! In some hospitals, you can sign up for those extra shifts through a web based system. Best. Thing. Ever! Another option? Work ‘per diem’ shifts, which means on a day by day basis. Go through a nursing staff agency, and once again you can generally manage your schedule through a web based system.

Medical Transcription:

Medical transcription involves transcribing the digital voice recordings of dictated medical reports. There’s a catch, though: You will have to invest a little upfront as you need the proper certification in order to take such a job. But figure out all the technicalities and you’re all set to work from the comfort of your own home! I’d tell you that you can work in your pajamas, buuuut between me and you, those medical scrubs you wear everyday fall into the sleepwear category…just saying!


You might just come to love flu season, thanks to the cash flow it can generate for you. Before flu season hits try and get yourself a job administering flu shots at the local schools, a senior home etc. Do your research, check with nurse staffing agencies, or with your local health agency. Something might turn up that’ll send you straight on that mid-winter vacation you were hoping to take!

Call Center Nursing:

Call center nursing is exactly what it sounds like! You sit at a desk, answer phone calls, and offer your expert advice on medical issues people may have. Most private health clinics, as well as insurance companies offer advice lines for their clients. That’s your lead; go make your phone calls now!

Surveys and Focus Groups:

Paid, of course! It does require a little effort on your part, though; namely signing yourself up with as many websites as possible. Done? Okay. Now sit back and watch as those emails start flooding your inbox. Don’t complain, you asked for it! You’ll be invited to complete surveys and join focus groups. You really can earn a pretty penny from such a hobby, and the initial legwork involved won’t cost you a thing. Hey, why not give it a try??

The options are endless. And you can even take a job that’s (gasp!) not medical related. Hey, summer’s approaching; why not open up a lemonade stand;)

Remembering Those In Uniform

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While Memorial Day may conjure up images of lazy beach days and family barbeques,  it’s really about honoring and commemorating those brave souls in uniform who gave their lives supporting this glorious country. Yes, the veterans deserve this day…along with the military nurses who silently went along with them for the sole purpose of saving the lives of those injured.  Thought Memorial Day wasn’t about you, huh? You couldn’t be more wrong! Read on for some fascinating facts on military nurses, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to take a moment to remember your sisters and brothers who entered the bloody war zone for the sake of this country’s heroes.

  1. Over 10,000 nurses were sent on a two week journey by ship to serve in WWI.
  2. Between 200 and 300 nurses actually died during WWI. While some contracted illnesses which took their lives, others unfortunately were killed by the enemy as well as in military accidents.
  3. Thought you had a lot on your plate when you took your first real nursing job? It wasn’t all spanking new scrubs and shiny stethoscopes for the graduating nurses in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They were shipped straight off to Vietnam (where they had to serve for a minimum of one year) and treated injuries the likes of which you will never see.
  4. In 1901 the Army Nurse Corp. became an official division of the Army Medical Department. And within the Army Nurse Corp. there are a total of ten (yup, ten!) different specialty branches.
  5. Military nurses were not spared the horrors of POW status. For three years, 67 Army nurses and 16 Navy nurses were held captive by the Japanese.
  6. In Washington D.C. near the Vietnam Memorial stands a tribute to all those valiant nurses who have served in war. Made of bronze, the commemorative statue depicts a nurse doing her life’s work; caring for a wounded soldier. Go visit it someday, it’ll be well worth it!

Enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend, but think about why it was established in the first place!

Not Just a Cup of Coffee

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They say that coffee fuels the nation. I couldn’t agree more! And if you’re a tired, scrubs clad medical professional reading this, I’m sure you’re nodding your head in agreement while trying not to burn your tongue on- what is it?- your 4th cup of coffee? My, my…do you even know what goes into each cup? Just kidding, I’m not going to lecture you on the good, the bad, and the ugly. After all, what kind of a medical professional would you be if I forced you to give up your daily dose (doses?) of caffeine. But since coffee IS a major part of your life, I am going to offer you some coffee fun facts. Get your energy on!

1. Oil is the number one sold commodity in the world. And guess what comes in second place: you got it- COFFEE.

2. The average American, (and no, that probably doesn’t include the overworked medical professional,)  consumes approximately 3.1 nine ounce capacity cups of coffee a day. Don’t even bother trying to get your tired brain to do the math, I’ll do it for you…that’s a whopping 1,132 cups of coffee per drinker per year. And it’s probably more for you!

3. Good news: A recent study found that drinking coffee midlife leads to lower chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Uh-oh, I think I may have misplaced my stethoscope…time for another hot java!

4. Hesitant about adding that creamer to your cup of joe for fear of it getting cold too soon! Don’t be; it’ll keep your coffee hotter for a longer period of time. What?? Yup, thicker liquids (like coffee with cream) evaporate at a slower rate than thinner liquids. So if your shift is particularly crazy, it would serve you well to add a bit of creamer!

5. Drinking coffee before doing exercise will give your workout routine an extra jolt. And if you consider running around during a shift to be an exercise routine (which I obviously do!) then don’t even think about giving up that pre-shift coffee.

There you have it; now you have a conversation piece to share with the 83% of Americans who drink coffee, and, of course, your sleep deprived colleagues!