April Showers Bring…FLOWERS!!

April is almost behind us, which mean it’s time to usher in those gorgeous May flowers. Quick heads up: I’m not just talking about the flowers in your garden, but in your wardrobe as well! Say what? Yup, floral is all the rage this spring, and you, my dear nurses, will NOT be left behind as this fashion trend sweeps the runway. That’s right; you can purchase your nursing scrubs in fun, vibrant, and beautiful floral patterns, and here’s how to wear them.  Bring on that FLOWER POWER!

Prints Please:

Think all florals are the same? Well, think again! There are many, and I mean MANY floral prints to choose from. So step 1: Choose the print that best suits you. Is simple and sophisticated your thing? Then you want a fine print scrub featuring dainty flowers. And you there; you look like you’re looking to make a statement. In that case, I suggest you go with a vibrant piece featuring big, bold, eye catching flowers. Let your medical scrubs speak for you!

Work That Palette:

You’ve chosen a print, I gather. Now comes the big, ‘what do I pair it with?’ The goal is to create a cohesive look, so once you’ve chosen your print, you’ll want to pick out a color from the pattern and stick with it. Not sure what I’m getting at? Take the Dickies Everday Scrubs mock wrap scrub top. Notice it’s got that nice burst of hot pink going on? Good; now run with it. Pair it with hot pink medical scrub pants and a bright pink lip. Voila, you are looking très très chic and ready to strut your stuff down the catwalk! Tip: If you’re not sure which color to choose in order to pull your killer ensemble together, then go for a neutral. These colors include black, white, grey, beige etc. Think of it as a safety net; you can’t go wrong!


It’s totally okay if you’re scared to go full on floral right away; baby steps are good too. So what can you do to ease your way into this trend? Accessories! Wear those flowers on your bag, wallet, hair accessory, jewelry….you name it, it has got to have flowers! Remember accessories can make or break your look, and a great accessory will go a very long way!

Flowers are fun! And pretty! And statement making! And all over the fashion scene! In other words, I want to see all you fabulous nurses in flowers. Cheers to May!

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