Brand Name Nursing Shoes: Yay or Nay?

Nurses are on their feet all day, every day. Walking, running, standing, lifting, bending and more; you name it, they do it. The problem, you ask? Tired, sore, and terribly achy feet. While you can’t avoid the situation entirely, you can do yourself a favor and purchase the most comfortable and most appropriate nursing shoes for the situation you are in. And while it is true that your shoes need not have a specific label on the inside to be comfortable, there are advantages to buying brand name shoes. Companies like Cherokee and Skechers have created nursing shoes with the busy nurse in mind, so why not spend a few extra dollars if it means a few extra hours of comfort! Regardless of the shoes you decide to purchase there are certain guidelines you would be wise to take into consideration.

Fit Is Everything:

I know you’re a big girl and have been wearing the same shoe size since forever, but go get your feet measured because yes, your shoe size may change. And even if it’s just a slight change, it can mean all the difference between comfort and agonizing pain. Oh, and here’s a great tip: Measure your feet at the very end of the day, like this, any swelling which is likely to occur will be taken into account.

Weights Will Weigh You Down:

Would you tie a bunch of heavy weights around your ankles and then try to go about your day? I think not! But guess what, that’s exactly what some of you nurses do by wearing certain shoes. Where nursing shoes are involved, lighter is ALWAYS better. Obviously it should provide ample support, particularly at the arch, but if you feel like you’re dragging your feet because your shoes are too heavy, know that something is quite wrong! Take the Skechers Step In sneaker; it’s super light, incredibly comfortable, and gives you maximum support. So go ahead and give it a try.

Practicality Is Key:

If you’re in the nursing industry then you already know how messy things can get, and I mean like realllly messy! Which is why it is so important to have shoes with easy to clean surfaces. Fabrics which will stain will look unprofessional, and last only half as long. You’re making the investment now, so why not go all the way? Another preference many nurses have is Velcro closures  as opposed to laces. Laces tend to untie and get dirty, whereas Velcro is neater, easier to put on, and won’t get nearly as dirty. Or just go with a good old fashioned slip on, like the Dickies Prestige Step In. Plus, it’s made of leather which means one swipe of a wipe and dirt, be gone! The options are endless, you just have to find what’s right for you.

You’re a nurse. You probably take more steps in one day then most regular people. And if my humble opinion counts for anything, then go all out and get yourself some brand name kicks; it’ll be well worth the price!

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