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Thanks, Dad!

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The third Sunday in June is once again upon us, which means it’s time to celebrate the man who has raised you, loved you, and taught you how to navigate the big, wide word. Dad’s are the ultimate role models and while they deserve recognition each and every day of the year, the least we can do as children, is to take this one special day set aside just for Dad, and do something wonderful. What will you be doing for your Dad? Read on for some great ideas!

Breakfast in Bed:

You know what they say. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not capitalize on that? Make Dad his favorite breakfast served up with a strong cup of joe (yeah, all you scrubs clad nurses know exactly how important that early morning brew is!), and the morning paper. Ahhhh, now that’s the perfect start to a perfect day!

Make It a Family Thing:

Round up the masses! Get the entire family together even if everyone is all grown up and living their own lives. Father’s Day is a family affair, so head out to the beach or choose a beautiful scenic park to spend the day at. And you obviously need activities, so bring along a ball, fishing rods if there’s a lake, a picnic so you can have a relaxing family lunch, and a grill so you can end the day with a barbecue bash!

Photo Time:

Feeling sentimental? Rummage through that stack of old photos collecting dust down in your parents’ basement, and put together a fun, little scrapbook highlighting your favorite childhood memories. Dad will love it; guaranteed!

Pen a Letter:

A letter is forever! Write down everything you’ve ever wanted to tell your Dad, (the positive, of course!), then seal it with a kiss and watch his eyes mist over as he reads how you truly feel about him. A material gift is nice and all, but a letter from the heart is worth more than the most expensive present you can get him!

Say It With Words:

Before the day is over, make sure to walk up to your Dad, give him your biggest bear hug, and say the words, “I love you!” out loud! That’s all your Dad really wants on his big day; the reassurance that his children love him and that he’s set them on a path for success.

Thank you, Dad!

Remembering Those In Uniform

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While Memorial Day may conjure up images of lazy beach days and family barbeques,  it’s really about honoring and commemorating those brave souls in uniform who gave their lives supporting this glorious country. Yes, the veterans deserve this day…along with the military nurses who silently went along with them for the sole purpose of saving the lives of those injured.  Thought Memorial Day wasn’t about you, huh? You couldn’t be more wrong! Read on for some fascinating facts on military nurses, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to take a moment to remember your sisters and brothers who entered the bloody war zone for the sake of this country’s heroes.

  1. Over 10,000 nurses were sent on a two week journey by ship to serve in WWI.
  2. Between 200 and 300 nurses actually died during WWI. While some contracted illnesses which took their lives, others unfortunately were killed by the enemy as well as in military accidents.
  3. Thought you had a lot on your plate when you took your first real nursing job? It wasn’t all spanking new scrubs and shiny stethoscopes for the graduating nurses in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They were shipped straight off to Vietnam (where they had to serve for a minimum of one year) and treated injuries the likes of which you will never see.
  4. In 1901 the Army Nurse Corp. became an official division of the Army Medical Department. And within the Army Nurse Corp. there are a total of ten (yup, ten!) different specialty branches.
  5. Military nurses were not spared the horrors of POW status. For three years, 67 Army nurses and 16 Navy nurses were held captive by the Japanese.
  6. In Washington D.C. near the Vietnam Memorial stands a tribute to all those valiant nurses who have served in war. Made of bronze, the commemorative statue depicts a nurse doing her life’s work; caring for a wounded soldier. Go visit it someday, it’ll be well worth it!

Enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend, but think about why it was established in the first place!

Happy Backwards Day!

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Has the week been kind of boring? Have you been wishing for the perfect excuse to shake things up a bit? Well here it is! Today is Backwards Day! Go on, find the inner child in you and if only to humor yourself, do everything- and I mean everything- backwards! Write backwards, read backwards, talk backwards, walk backwards- just avoid the walls please- and basically whatever has to be done, do it in the reverse order. And if you’re a pediatric nurse you can have extra special fun with this, as kids for some reason get a kick out of doing things the wrong way. Here’s to Backwards Day!

Dress Backwards:

Show up to your shift with the back of your scrubs in the front. The adults may stare at you and wonder if perhaps you’ve lost it, but the kids will find you hilarious. In fact, the Skechers mock wrap top may look kind of good backwards, considering it’s got an all around elastic! And if you really want to get your young patients giggling, wear your shoes on the wrong feet, and your earrings on the wrong side of your ear. Don’t worry, it’s a good kind of crazy!

Dessert First:

Your young charges will love you for this. At meal time, tell them that in honor of Backwards Day they MUST eat their dessert first! Their parents might be horrified, but these children stuck in the hospital deserve something special once in a while. Besides, a little dessert never hurt anybody!

Mix It Up:

If your checkup routine has been the same since forever, now’s your chance to finally mix it up; providing of course that it won’t compromise the health of your patients. Take your patient’s temperature before his/her blood pressure, or ask them how they’re feeling all the way at the end of the checkup instead of right when you walk in. Kids are very perceptive and they’ll pick up on these minor changes instantly! And guess what, they’ll even ask you about it and then you can launch into your Backwards Day speech.

It all may be a bit silly, but it’s fun! So don’t let anyone stop you from exploring your wild side. Oh, and don’t forget to walk out backwards when you leave the room. Have a great Backwards Day! Or should I say, yad sdrawkcab taerg a evah!!

It’s National Handwriting Day!

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Yes, you read that correctly: It’s National Handwriting Day! Way back when in 1977, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association actually established January 23rd as a day to re-discover the simplicity of your very own handwriting. And no, they did not just pick that date out of a hat. January 23rd is the birthday of the one responsible for what is probably the most famous signature of all time- John Hancock. So get ready to reacquaint yourself with the good old fashioned pen or pencil. It’ll be a nice change from all the typing and texting we’ve gotten used to over time. Oh, and not to make you feel too bad about using such an archaic communication tool, here are some fun facts about handwriting!

1. Just like you don’t share the same set of fingerprints with anyone else in the world, you also don’t share your unique handwriting with anyone else in the world.

2. Research has proven that you remember information better by actually writing it out than typing it. That should be reason enough to keep your pen handy!

3. Our brains control our individual handwriting, which basically means that if you’d learn to write with your toes- yup, some people actually can!- you’d have more or less the same exact handwriting as when you write with your hand.

4. It’s been reported that 85% of students complete their SATs in manuscript, while just 15% write in cursive. Here’s the kicker though: On average, those that write in cursive score higher!

5. Last but not least, perfect penmanship is indicative of a communicative person, while an indecipherable scrawl is the hallmark of a secretive individual who likes to keep his thoughts to himself. Hmmm, I wonder what that means for those guys in medical scrubs who are in charge of the well-being of our nation. If you haven’t realized it yet, I’m talking about doctors and their totally illegible handwriting!

Hang on, before you log on to your email account and get ready to forward these interesting bits of information to your friends and family (don’t pretend you were going to mail them a letter- you weren’t!), maybe take the message of National Handwriting Day to your patients and write out, in your own unique handwriting, a meaningful get well card!

What New Year’s Resolution?

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It’s been one week since we ushered in the New Year, and one week since we oh so confidently declared that this year we would stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Can I tell you a secret? It’s been a mere 7 days and statistically, already 25% of the population has not kept to theirs. And guess what the number one resolution for 2014 was: Drumrollllll please…LOSING WEIGHT. No wonder so many people have fallen off the wagon. Losing weight is super hard, even if you already have those adorable, slim fitting, figure hugging nursing scrubs hanging in your closet, waiting longingly for you to take them out to play. No matter; if you have moved up in life and are this year a member of the 75% who are still going strong, here are a couple of tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, whatever they may be. Oh, and not to be a buzz-kill or anything, but next week the number drops to 71%.


Make sure you haven’t set yourself an unattainable goal. It’s got to be SMART; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time specific. Let’s take our dear nurse friend who already has those super cute scrubs hanging in her closet. If she wants to fit into those ASAP, she needs to be SMART about it. She can’t simply say, “I’m going to lose weight!” She’d be setting herself up for failure. Instead, she needs to specify how much weight she plans on losing, in what period of time, and of course her ideal weight has to be realistic.

Track Your Progress

Back to our friend; I think we ought to name her. We’ll call her Nancy. She needs to monitor her eating habits to see what her triggers are, and then work on avoiding them. She also needs to weigh herself at set intervals; but only at those set times, otherwise she may get discouraged. If Nancy is really feeling great about her progress, she can even try on those scrubs in her closet from time to time to see how slowly but surely she’s actually fitting into them. Use your calendar app on your phone to mark each milestone.

Reward Yourself

A great way to help keep your eye on the prize is by rewarding yourself every now and then for what you have accomplished so far. Back to Nancy; if she loses 8 of those 20 pounds she’s itching to shed, she might want to buy herself a little treat. Perhaps that great pair of earrings she’s been eyeing. By giving yourself an incentive to keep going, you keep the resolution fresh and exciting.

You Are Human

It may not seem like it, but keeping in mind that you are only human and that slip-ups are inevitable is a great tip. Instead of getting disheartened and throwing away everything you’ve accomplished up until now, you will tell yourself that it was a one-time thing, and resolve to keep on going. For 70% of goal setters, that first failure actually strengthens their resolution, making it an even better journey. Hear that, Nancy?

It may seem like a long haul but the efforts are worthwhile. And if Nancy keeps at it, she’ll be able to purchase many more fun scrubs. In fact, I bet she’d rock the Cherokee Flexibles mock wrap top 2915C. Keep at it everybody!

Handling the Holidays

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happy thanksgivingToday is Thanksgiving. For the rest of the world this means vacation. As a nurse though, chances are you’ll be covering a regular shift. While not being able to spend this special time with close family and friends can be disappointing, you can still make the most of it by simply readjusting your attitude and approaching the situation from a different perspective. You’ll see it really isn’t too terrible to spend the holidays in your scrubs.

Plan a Fun Time With Your Co-workers:
No one said you can’t enjoy the holidays just because you’ll be spending it in the hospital. Your colleagues are practically family given the amount of time you spend together, so why not take advantage of that. Maybe plan a special meal together and have everyone bring their favorite dish from home, or organize a fun game to bring on the laughs.  You can even indulge in a little retail therapy by shopping for some fashionable new scrubs. Covering a shift when Black Friday begins? Not a problem. Simply visit Medical Discount Scrubs on the web and enjoy 25% off while you browse the latest and most stylish medical scrubs. They even carry maternity scrubs for all you moms-to-be.

Cheer Up the Patients:
Being in the hospital over the holidays is definitely not something a patient chooses. What’s more, they’re most likely feeling quite sick and missing those nearest and dearest to them. Lucky you though, after your shift is over you get to go home to your loved ones and enjoy whatever is left of the holiday. So take a step back, and instead of thinking about what you’re missing out on, go the extra mile and try to bring the holiday spirit to those under your care. Bring each of your patients a card, wear something fun and spunky, and just make sure to make the holidays all about them.

Be Grateful:
Don’t harp on the fact that you’re working and all your friends are not. Instead be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, such as the fact that you have a stable job which you actually enjoy, and the fact that you’re healthy while your patients are not.  As a plus, you’ll be getting holiday pay while you work to cheer up those around you, which you can then go and spend at Medical Discount Scrubs 25% off sale on Black Friday. Check out their Cherokee scrubs in particular; they’re oh so chic and super fashionable!

5 by 5: Reasons to be Thankful

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Nurses Rock!

I know what you’re thinking – I wish I can get paid more. It would be awesome to have just one more nurse on this shift. If only my nurse manager was a tad bit easier to communicate with, I’d be thankful. Or maybe I’d be thankful if the nurse before my shift actually stayed to explain what is going on the chaotic floor!

Yeah, nursing can be a pain in the neck, for the lack of better terms, and it can be quite frustrating at times (to say the least)! So with thanksgiving around the corner, here are a 5 things every nurse can be thankful for!

1) Comfortable Scrubs

Back in the day, scrubs were legit paper. Maybe even sand paper. Imagine wearing those for 12 hours shifts! Ugh, that would suck. Nowadays, scrubs are even comfier than the typical professional work wear.  I’m pretty sure even the cheaper scrubs are more comfortable than those sterile, awkward business suits.

2) Technology

Imagine memorizing the enormous amount of medical terminology. My brain would be overloaded! With just a tap on the screen on your phone, you can now access all the information you need. From medications and definitions, to measurements and charting, it’s all there on an app.

3) Never a Dull Moment

There were days at my office job where it was just so dead boring that I just couldn’t help it – my eyelids drooped. It’s difficult not to fall asleep at jobs like those. And it’s not because there is nothing to do, it’s just so unstimulating. Well with nursing, you definitely don’t need to be worried about that! Whether it’s that call button (again!) or if it’s the regular vitals check, you’re never bored.

4) Predictable Weather

It’s so much nicer to watch the snow fall to the ground from the indoors. The heat is blasting and I’m comfortable.

5) “When you are a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” 

Let’s face it. Nursing is a career that demands a lot from us. But what I get in return offers me so much more. The feeling of being completely selfless, being there for someone else is simply irreplaceable. And for that I am thankful.

Pumpkin Spice There & Everywhere!

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pumpkin spiceThe smell of pumpkin spice just makes me feel so cozy and warm. It puts me in a comforting place of beautiful hues of red and orange foliage, incredibly smelling coffee shops, and warm, oversized clothes. It makes me in the mood to sing to Christmas carols, and shop great sales at the magnificently decorated malls while snow is falling to the ground. Pumpkin spice is the heart of fall and start of the winter. I think if not for pumpkin spice, fall would be a whole lot more damp and dreary in our minds.

Pumpkin spice.  It’s a smell and flavor. Weird that it can change my whole outlook on winter. Because literally without that, I would be seriously grieving the loss of summery weather and dreading the cold, and I mean very cold, early nights. In my mind that don’t make much sense. A fragrance can change my mood? Apparently, heck yeah!

Science has proven that smells can be a huge trigger for memories and feelings. This is scientifically known as olfactory memory. The olfactory bulb, the vertebrate forebrain involved in the perception of odors, is situated closely to the amygdala, the area of the brain that experiences emotion. You may have wondered why when smelling a specific perfume odor that you’ve last smelled 7 years ago, you are filled with joy and content. Or maybe there is a certain aroma that brings up sad, or harsher feelings. The smell of the spice fenugreek, reminds me of sweet, older Indian neighbors I had when I was 5 years old. Every single time I smell it. Now that’s powerful!

No wonder why pumpkin spice changed my whole outlook on Fall! Pumpkin spice has historically been around in the fall at thanksgiving dinners, just about everywhere when the leaves have started to fall, and when our attire gets thicker and cozier. While I do miss the hot weather and wish it would get dark later, I’m easing into winter with a toasty cup of pumpkin spice coffee in my hands. That’s all I need! Well, I still need my scrubs and stethoscope to keep me going but other than that -I’m good.

Happy Boss’s Day!

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Boss's DayAlthough many people may not know this, it’s Boss’s Day on October 16th. This holiday is gaining more popularity each year. I can see why! Can’t you?

Boss’s Day is dedicated to bosses and supervisors. Flowers, cards and gift certificates can be seen in various workplaces that observe this holiday. If I was a boss, I’d sure like it! As an employee, I’d feel obligated but also kind of grateful for this observance. It is an opportunity to show your boss gratitude. I’m sure some employees take advantage of this holiday to get on the good side of their boss’s and win their respect with a lavish token of appreciation. Gifts can be nice in any relationship, but usually not tactful if used as a bribe.

In most cases, sucking up to your boss won’t get you far. Your boss will sense it and possibly end up losing appreciation for you. If you don’t want to brown nose your boss or supervisor in order to be acknowledged, here’s how to gain your boss’s recognition in a balanced way.

Be Committed. Show up to work early, leave when your day is over – not a minute earlier, and keep to your lunch break limit. Although a few minutes here and there seem to be no big deal, commitment shines through when you arrive at work a few minutes before excepted. You’ll be showing your employers that you value your work time and aren’t flippant about it. Be sure to schedule as many personal appointments after hours so that you can be committed at work once you are there.

Maintain a Good Attitude. I get it, sometimes work can be stressful and the pile-up of work can be so agitating and overwhelming. Even though you may not feel happy about getting that extra task thrown onto your plate, smile anyway and complete the job as best you can.

Communicate. Of course communication is also important. You don’t have to swallow your stress. So if you feel overwhelmed and like you’ve been given too many projects to juggle at once, speak your truth in a respectful way.

Quality Work. Try hard to produce quality work. Give it your all and you will be valued.

Be grateful. Sure, you deserve your paycheck. You work hard and you earned it. That doesn’t take away from the fact that your bosses paid you. Thank your employer when you receive your paycheck.

You in the medical field? This Boss’s Day maybe buy your boss some of the latest scrubs on the market. Dickies Xtreme Stretch is a complete new line of super comfortable scrubs.

Happy Labor Day!

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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day seems like the end yet, at the same time it’s the beginning of so much. So which one is it? The beginning or end?

For most, it seems like Labor Day celebrates the end of summer, and the end of vacation. It almost feels like it’s the last licks of barbecues, and the last look at the beach. You better believe that there’s more to it than what meets the eye!

Interestingly, Labor Day was first recognized in 1984 to appease the unionists after the Pullman strike. However, since union memberships have decreased, Labor Day is now recognized as a day to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.

True, Labor Day is recognized as a day when it is no longer fashionable for the color white be worn. That would definitely count as the end of something. Schools start a day after Labor Day, and that would be the beginning. New books, unused supplies, different grade, and a fresh start. Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and College Football seasons too. For some that means saying good-bye to their football-obsessed loved ones. For others it’s saying hello to a whole new world of exciting entertainment.

Since Labor Day is a holiday and is a day off of work, retailers have taken this opportunity to turn this holiday into a sale day – to grab the customers that have free time on their hands. Surprisingly, Labor Day is comparable in sale days to the big Black Friday!

At Medical Discount Scrubs, we love bringing you sales all year round. But on Labor Day we bring it on full force! In honor of this national holiday, our entire site is 25% off. Yup, you read right – a whopping 25%  off every scrub! While you’re ahead check out the Cherokee Luxe 1999 scrub top. As soon as you’ll see it, you’ll know why you did.

Happy Labor Day whether it’s the end or beginning for you!