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Admit You’re Happy Month

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If you’re happy and you know it…admit it! Don’t bother clapping your hands or stamping your feet. Admitting it does the job. Or so it seems.

There’s got to be power in just simply admitting you are happy. It seems that in this generation – where there is constant advertising about what we need and deserve, we end up feeling entitled. Extras become necessities in our minds. Through advertising, we are told that we should have that nice car, a bigger TV, quicker internet, and more clothes. It’s just that all these extras, which we can actually live just fine without, become basics. That’s when we feel disappointed, even upset that we don’t have the resources to get those seemingly ‘basic’ items. Dashed expectations bring unhappiness.

Colors of HappyWell, you’re about to get a heck of a lot happier right now! It’s August and this month is Admit You’re Happy Month. Interestingly, the four weeks in August are nationally known as National Simplify your Life Week, National Smile Week, Friendship Week, and Be Kind to Humankind Week. With just one quick look at the names of the four weeks, it’s easy to see that all these national August weeks focus on happiness. Simplifying your life greatly increases happiness. Get rid of all the extra noise, spend quality time with your loved ones – that’s bound to bring you to appreciate all that you have. Smiling can do the trick too! You know what they say, “Fake it ’till you make it”. Smile even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll feel it soon enough. Friendship week is to enjoy your friends. Life is busy and just letting those dear friends in brings extra happiness to your heart. Lastly, giving is the ultimate gift. Be Kind to Humankind Week brings us happiness even if we may be giving of ourselves to others.

Nurses, in my opinion, practice Be Kind to Humankind every day on the job. Caring tirelessly for the sick and healing is oh so hard but is also super rewarding. I’m sure you nurses know what I’m talkin’ about. Reward yourself with some scrubs, to make that shift just a little easier. So far, Cherokee Luxe has been receiving awesome reviews. Check it out.

So tell us, what makes you happy?

Left Hander’s Day: Facts about the Left Handed

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You a leftie by any chance? Cuz it’s Left Hander’s Day. It happens every year on August 13th.

It’s a fact. Left handed people are outnumbered. Only 10-12% of Earth’s population are lefties! Despite the extremely low ratio of left handed to right handed people in the world, there is something cool and different about humans who are more dexterous with their left hands.

Lucky for lefties, they are not as scorned upon anymore. In many cultures, religions and definitely back in the day, many ugly and negative words were use to describe left handed people. They were looked at as different and even imperfect.  It’s actually quite fascinating that in many languages the word used to say ‘left-handed’ are derived from words that are, let’s just say, less than complimentary. Linkisch, levja, mancino, and sinistrum are a few examples in German, Russian, Italian and Latin and have the meaning of awkward, clumsy, crooked, and maimed.

left handed ecardSurprisingly, so much is right with the lefties! When it comes to the speed of the left brain and right brain connecting, left-handed people win! Their brains are faster which makes them more efficient and have a greater ability to multitask. Additionally, lefties are known to have higher IQ’s than righties. Lefties are also better at playing video games, sports, and can adjust to seeing underwater quicker than the rest of mankind.

It gets even better! Being a leftie can’t be too bad if Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Jay Leno, Drew Barrymore and Celine Dion qualify to be in the left-handed club. Famous people like Albert Einstien, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Aristotle were also known to be left handed.

Think about it – everything in the world is created for right-handed people. How frustrating is that for lefties! That’s why Left Hander’s Day was created. To create awareness of the frustrations left handed people face and struggle with daily and to celebrate their existence.

To make their lives a whole lot easier, there is actually an entire website that exclusively sells items for left handed people. Lefty’s, The Left Handed Store, sells things like scissors, can openers, notebooks, measuring tapes and even knives! You name it – they got it.

Good thing scrubs don’t discriminate. Whether you’re a leftie or rightie you will look awesome in Cherokee Pro-Flexibles scrubs. The Cherokee Luxe scrubs are new and hot on the market and are sexy to say the least.

Happy Left Hander’s Day!

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Happy Chocolate Day!

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Happy Chocolate Day!

Happy Chocolate Day!

I’ll bet you didn’t know there was a National Chocolate Day. It actually happens every July 7th. Now that’s a day I would like to religiously observe!

I don’t care why, how or who this day came about. I’m just psyched. An entire day on which I am granted full permission to just eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and supper. Mmm, thinking of all the possibilities are mouth watering!

I’m sure you know chocolate is made of cocoa beans which is actually a vegetable. It can’t be that bad, can it? Well, chocolate definitely has its health benefits. The seeds of the cocoa tree are rich in flavanols, like tea, which boast antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You’ll love the next perk, weight watchers! There was actually a study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine which confirmed that individuals who consumed more chocolate than others who did not, had a lower BMI. My favorite though, is that chocolate increases endorphin production, which releases feel-good feelings. Chocolate also contains serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4752 Top in the color chocolate

Chocolate Colored Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4752 Top

The downside to chocolate is that most chocolate bars and chocolate candy are packed with sugar. While it tastes heavenly, it won’t look that appealing once it hits your thighs. We do know an alternative that will definitely flatter your figure though! The Dickies EDS 810506 mock wrap top in the color Chocolate is the answer. Or try the new Cherokee Workwear Stretch 4752 v-neck top in the color chocolate with a contrasting turquoise blue color on the stitching. How pretty!

So here’s to celebrating chocolate! We wish you a Happy Chocolate Day with wise chocolate choices.

July 4th Mini-Vacation Ideas

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July 4th Beach Mini-Vacation

July 4th Beach Mini-Vacation

We can’t believe it either. July 4th is around the corner. What that really means is that it’s the birthday of the good ol’  U.S. Most of us have the work day off on Independence Day but how many of us really loosen up? Most of the time when I have a day off, I sort of use that day to get to my five-month old chores. Organizing the garage, screwing the shelf that’s been shaky all year… Accomplishing? Yes. Rejuvenating? Not so much.

This year, we’re going to really chill out. There are so many family-friendly, relaxing ideas for July 4th that are absolutely pro bono. You can start the day with a late family breakfast then head to the beach. You can even pack sandwiches, snacks or drinks in advance so you don’t have to spend money on the never ending take-out food. Or you can go to a local park, tan and have a picnic. What’s cool about July 4th is that most cities have free concerts, hot dog eating contests, and random, cool shows. Most towns and cities have fireworks at night, too. This can be enjoyable for a night out with friends or for the entire family! A great idea would be to take a camera wherever you go and get some really nice family photos you never have time to take. Simply snap as you’re having a great time – you’ll be happy to capture the memories.

Of course, July 4th is about celebrating our country and coming back to work refreshed the next day. Sometimes it isn’t only the beach and concerts that will bring you to work feeling revitalized. Buying scrubs on our July 4th Blowout Sale is a real breather and will have you feeling completely invigorated.

When I think of July 4th I think beach, fireworks, BBQ and friends. Make that happen!

Father’s Day Gifts for the Medical or Non-Medical Man

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Levi Brown

Father’s Day is less than a week away, so aside for our honorary Father’s Day sale we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts for dads this Father’s Day. We’ve tried to cover everything from long-lasting gifts at the higher end of the spectrum, to cute gizmos and gadgets.

Spa Membership

This is a gift most often associated with women, but if your dad happens to spend his time in the medical field he will definitely appreciate some downtime. Physicians, nurses, and those in the medical field have long hours with few breaks. Time away at a spa is a great way to give your dad a gift that will last, and make a difference in his daily life.

Tool Pens

Neatoshop has the perfect gift for Dad, that Mom will appreciate, too. The tool pens are real handyman tools such as a hammer, pliers, wrench, etc. that are pens at the bottom. They serve double function, and will ensure that Dad can’t forget about the little tasks around the house that are begging for his attention.

Hermetus Beer Bottle Opener and Closer

For the times when one and a half beers are just enough. This chrome-plated gadget effortlessly cracks open beer bottles and reseals them.

Photo Book

Personalized photo books are more common today than photo albums, and there’s no better way to bring out the sentimental side of Dad than with a photo book for him to display in the office. Choose from a variety of online services such as MyPublisher, Snapfish, or Shutterfly, or try Apple’s iphoto service that does all the work for you.

Scrubs for Men

Many Dads don’t have energy or inclination to purchase new scrubs, so they wear the same shapeless stuff until they’re practically threadbare. Spring for a gift card or a new set of Dickies scrubs for men that your Dad will appreciate without having realized how badly he needed the new scrubs.

Along with the list of great gifts for dad, there will always be the gag gifts that you should avoid. Thinking of ‘Team Daddy’ matching t-shirts for dad and the little ones, or creepy stuffed animal? Better just bring a card.

Let us know about some of the best and worst Father’s Day gifts you’ve had the pleasure to give or receive!