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Success Through Social Media Is Totally A Thing

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For many of you nurses out there the world is vastly different from when you first entered your noble profession. Back then, Twitter, Facebook, and the likes did not exist, and people had real friends and liked real pictures. Alas, times have changed, and the virtual world has practically taken over our lives. But who says it’s got to be a bad thing? In fact, if I may say so myself, social media can be a wonderful thing. And here’s a little secret: If you use it correctly it can in fact contribute to career success. So here goes a list of ways you can use social media to advance your nursing career. #GOODLUCK

Build A Community

Support is crucial in any career, particularly so when it comes to nursing. Rough days are aplenty and the fact that you can build a community of nurse friends who understand what you’re going through and can provide the appropriate support, is vital to your well being. Plus, you can ask for advice, befriend nurses in specialties you are interested in, and if you just want to chill out you can sit back and laugh at funny nurse memes and jokes. Best of all, social media breaks down geographic barriers, and allows otherwise unlikely friendships to blossom.

Never Stop Learning

No one said you have to go back to school to learn new things. And no one said learning means hard-core, textbook studying. Learning just means staying on top of your game and keeping up to date with advances in your career. In this instance, social media is the perfect way to access relevant articles about nursing and medicine. Another aspect of learning is just picking up useful tips and tricks; for example, how to best care for your medical scrubs. In fact, I can give you a tip right now. Want the best in wrinkle free and stain resistant scrubs? Check out this bold Cherokee Luxe v-neck top.  See you just ‘learned’ something new by reading this blog!

Let Me Introduce You…

Perhaps the hardest part of any job is moving forward and finding a special niche. In nursing in particular, there are so many fascinating fields, and so many areas you can get involved in. But who’s going to help you figure out what exactly you want to focus on, and even if you do have that part figured out, who’s going to help you get your foot in the door? That’s right, social media will! Get yourself a LinkedIn account and work it! Find people who specialize in the areas you’re interested in and connect with them. Most of them will be willing to talk and will even give you useful suggestions. You can even connect with recruiters who can help you revamp your resume, find you job openings, and get you interviews.

See, social media is a modern marvel. So get yourself involved, even if it’s just for fun!

I Need The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

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Yes, it’s true, people lie. In fact some of the biggest liars out there are, surprise, surprise…our wonderful patients. If you’re a nurse reading this I have no doubt you’re rolling your eyes, sighing, muttering under your breath, and wishing me to give you a solution. Sorry, but unfortunately  I do not have the answer to your prayers. However, if you’re the newbie on the floor here’s a quick list of some of the top things patients will lie about, no matter what! And give it a few days, before you know it you’ll be just like all the seasoned pros, sniffing out those fibs before the patient finishes getting it out.  So here it is; your patient by all means will not tell you…

…How Much It Hurts

There you are, all professional looking in your spanking new nursing scrubs, and instead of the loving care you planned on dispensing, you’re standing open mouthed as your patient puts on the performance of his life trying to convince you that his pain is waaaay past the 10 you told him was the highest number on the scale. Never fall for it. All he wants is that extra dose of Vicodin. You know how it goes though, no pain no gain!

…How They Got Sick or Injured

You’d think that once they landed themselves in the hospital or doctor’s office, they’d give you all the petty details leading up to the visit. Think again! Despite the fact that logic dictates telling the truth so that they can get the proper treatment, you’d be surprised to see how creative patients can get when describing just how exactly they got that nasty gash. And get this; some patients will even fake their symptoms so that the doctor will squeeze them in to their already tight schedule. Then of course, they’ve got to run with that story.

….About Bad Habits

For some reason, patients are always on the defense when it comes to their bad habits. Drinking, exercise, diet, smoking etc.; these are all vices the patient would rather hide then admit to, even though it can make all the difference in helping them get better. Everyone wants to seem healthier than they actually are, even if it’ll harm them in the long run. And it’s your job as the nurse to convince them otherwise.

The list goes on. They won’t tell you their entire medical history, and they won’t tell you if they’ve been taking their meds or even which meds they are taking. Whatever it may be, you’ll find yourself catching these patients in the act before you even manage to whip out your shiny new stethoscope, and hopefully you’ll be able to set them straight. Here’s to the truth!

Bright Eyes and Bold Scrubs

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Hospital coding is every nurse’s second language. You’re on the run as soon as there’s a code white, and spring into action for a code blue. But there’s another code. Not quite the medical emergency, but still warranting immediate attention, it’s code ‘under-eye circles.’ Nothing shouts, “I’M TIRED,” quite like those dark, heavy bags marring your otherwise beautiful face. And while you may think it’s absolutely unavoidable given the lack of sleep that comes along with the job, there are quite a few tricks to keep you looking bright eyed and fabulous throughout the day. You know what they say, “If you can’t make it, fake it!”

Work Those Lashes: 

You may be functioning on a mere 4 hours of sleep, but that is no excuse to look half dead. Cue the lashes. While not everyone is naturally blessed with lashes ala Kim Kardashian, you can do your fair share to try and achieve those long, curled, and oh so thick eye lashes. Simply use these tips and even the prettiest of your colleagues will beg to know how it was done. All you need is a great wand of mascara and an even better eyelash curler.

Lashes which are uncurled are like curtains blocking your eyes, and so you’ll first want to curl them away from your eye. Like this you create the illusion of bigger eyes and you will in fact be opening up your eyes to the world; or in this case your colleagues and patients. Next, run some very black, lengthening mascara through your lashes; and your eyes, no matter what their color, will pop and shine. Wear a bold, solid colored scrub top to give yourself an added dose of ‘wow’. It’s foolproof and takes no time at all.

Hide Those Bags:

No woman ever wants to look like she just woke up, and a good tube of concealer can help the situation. The trick is to gently dab it under your eyes as opposed to rubbing it in, so that it blends in nice and smooth. Remember, you don’t want the world knowing it’s been a long week. Also, go for a concealer with yellow or peachy under tones that it is one or two shades lighter than your skin. This will help your eyes look brighter and more awake.

Wear White:

You may not have a white eye pencil in your makeup bag, but if you’re a tired nurse, now’s the time to add it to your collection. One of the dark areas women often miss are the inner eye corners. For an instant makeover, apply white eyeliner to the aforementioned corners, focusing on the area around your tear ducts, and then smudge a little with your finger for a more subtle effect.  If you’re feeling really puffy eyed today, opt for a pearly eye shadow as well, and apply just under the brow bone. You’re brain may be screaming in exhaustion, but your face will be red carpet ready.


This last tip is a cop-out but works just as well. If you want to draw attention away from the tired eye, go for a bold lip. Wear a ruby red, a popping pink, or a deep plum, and all anyone will notice is the wow factor that is your lips. If you go this route though, make sure to be wearing a great set of printed scrubs as well. You might as well be taking the distraction to the next level, right?

Now run along and try out these tips; you know you can use them already today!

Work Your Hair While Working In Your Scrubs

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You read the fashion magazines and see the glitz and the glamour of the catwalk. As a nurse, you’re probably thinking you can never look like that on a day to day basis. Banish those negative thoughts, though, because you can;  even in your nursing scrubs. It’s all about working the hair and showcasing a fresh face.  There are tons of runway ready hairdos that are super ideal for the average nurse looking to keep her hair out of her face while tending to patients.  Steal these tips before your next shift and the fierce fashionista in you will come roaring to life.

The Slicked Back Ponytail

This is a fashion must for any nurse with long, luscious locks. It’s always on trend and super easy to achieve. Simply use your hairbrush to pull your hair back into a smooth, yet tight, high pony . The key, though,  is finding a strong enough pony holder to keep your hair in place all day. So if you have extra thick hair, try doubling up the pony-holder for added security throughout  your long shift. And to get that celebrity favorite sleek look, lightly spray a fine tooth comb with extra-hold hairspray and gently smooth back any fly-aways.

Pair your pony with the Cherokee Workwear Novelty V-neck  Top  4746 and the halls at work will suddenly be your runway. This top features fun colors, elegant princess seams, and a slightly dipped v-neck which makes this scrub top delicate and enchanting. The whole look will effortlessly mesh together and  everyone, colleagues and patients alike, will stop to stare.

The Braid

So fun and ultra versatile, the braid is a no brainer for any nurse who doesn’t have the time to blow out her hair. Whether you wear a classic three-strand braid, pigtail braids, french braids, or a more complex fishtail braid, you’ll be making the queen of braids, Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games, jealous! If you’re feeling really bold and you’re interested in channeling a Bohemian vibe, you can turn your braid into a crown. Whichever direction you go in, check out Pinterest for a full range of tutorials. Just make sure you aren’t late for work; it’s that addicting!

The French Bun

If imperfection is your thing, then this is the look for you. It’s a little loose, a little messy, and totally gorgeous. Start off as if you’re making a high pony by gathering your hair at the crown of your head. Then start twisting the pony up towards the ceiling and then wrapping the now twisted pony around itself. Fasten with bobby pins and pull out a few stray pieces to achieve that unkempt look.  It’s bed head at its best, and even better is that this off the face look will allow you to fully flaunt any of your wardrobe pieces from the Cherokee Workwear collection.

Above the Shoulder Cuts

For those nurses who favor shorter hair, we haven’t forgotten about you. Chin length bobs and pixie cuts are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Both these styles are extremely practical. It’s pretty much wash and wear. Talk to your hair stylist before making this daring fashion choice, and explain your needs.  For a working nurse, this hair style is uber-chic , and oh so easy to manage. Give everyone attitude; short hair don’t care!

Don’t be afraid to try out any of these hairstyles and show the world that nurses can work it too!

5 by 5: Reasons to be Thankful

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Nurses Rock!

I know what you’re thinking – I wish I can get paid more. It would be awesome to have just one more nurse on this shift. If only my nurse manager was a tad bit easier to communicate with, I’d be thankful. Or maybe I’d be thankful if the nurse before my shift actually stayed to explain what is going on the chaotic floor!

Yeah, nursing can be a pain in the neck, for the lack of better terms, and it can be quite frustrating at times (to say the least)! So with thanksgiving around the corner, here are a 5 things every nurse can be thankful for!

1) Comfortable Scrubs

Back in the day, scrubs were legit paper. Maybe even sand paper. Imagine wearing those for 12 hours shifts! Ugh, that would suck. Nowadays, scrubs are even comfier than the typical professional work wear.  I’m pretty sure even the cheaper scrubs are more comfortable than those sterile, awkward business suits.

2) Technology

Imagine memorizing the enormous amount of medical terminology. My brain would be overloaded! With just a tap on the screen on your phone, you can now access all the information you need. From medications and definitions, to measurements and charting, it’s all there on an app.

3) Never a Dull Moment

There were days at my office job where it was just so dead boring that I just couldn’t help it – my eyelids drooped. It’s difficult not to fall asleep at jobs like those. And it’s not because there is nothing to do, it’s just so unstimulating. Well with nursing, you definitely don’t need to be worried about that! Whether it’s that call button (again!) or if it’s the regular vitals check, you’re never bored.

4) Predictable Weather

It’s so much nicer to watch the snow fall to the ground from the indoors. The heat is blasting and I’m comfortable.

5) “When you are a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” 

Let’s face it. Nursing is a career that demands a lot from us. But what I get in return offers me so much more. The feeling of being completely selfless, being there for someone else is simply irreplaceable. And for that I am thankful.

Happy Boss’s Day!

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Boss's DayAlthough many people may not know this, it’s Boss’s Day on October 16th. This holiday is gaining more popularity each year. I can see why! Can’t you?

Boss’s Day is dedicated to bosses and supervisors. Flowers, cards and gift certificates can be seen in various workplaces that observe this holiday. If I was a boss, I’d sure like it! As an employee, I’d feel obligated but also kind of grateful for this observance. It is an opportunity to show your boss gratitude. I’m sure some employees take advantage of this holiday to get on the good side of their boss’s and win their respect with a lavish token of appreciation. Gifts can be nice in any relationship, but usually not tactful if used as a bribe.

In most cases, sucking up to your boss won’t get you far. Your boss will sense it and possibly end up losing appreciation for you. If you don’t want to brown nose your boss or supervisor in order to be acknowledged, here’s how to gain your boss’s recognition in a balanced way.

Be Committed. Show up to work early, leave when your day is over – not a minute earlier, and keep to your lunch break limit. Although a few minutes here and there seem to be no big deal, commitment shines through when you arrive at work a few minutes before excepted. You’ll be showing your employers that you value your work time and aren’t flippant about it. Be sure to schedule as many personal appointments after hours so that you can be committed at work once you are there.

Maintain a Good Attitude. I get it, sometimes work can be stressful and the pile-up of work can be so agitating and overwhelming. Even though you may not feel happy about getting that extra task thrown onto your plate, smile anyway and complete the job as best you can.

Communicate. Of course communication is also important. You don’t have to swallow your stress. So if you feel overwhelmed and like you’ve been given too many projects to juggle at once, speak your truth in a respectful way.

Quality Work. Try hard to produce quality work. Give it your all and you will be valued.

Be grateful. Sure, you deserve your paycheck. You work hard and you earned it. That doesn’t take away from the fact that your bosses paid you. Thank your employer when you receive your paycheck.

You in the medical field? This Boss’s Day maybe buy your boss some of the latest scrubs on the market. Dickies Xtreme Stretch is a complete new line of super comfortable scrubs.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Here!

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Breast Cancer AwarenessEveryone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s the month when breast cancer is on the forefront of our minds. Whether it’s about being reminded to have a plan to detect the disease or the marathons and donations that are taking place, it just seems like pink is all over!

Support is not only about the mula. You can support the Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors even if you don’t have the big bucks. If donations seem like a costly way to support breast cancer, you can take the cheaper route and show your support by donning a pink ribbon. You can pray for those afflicted, too. Nurses are already running marathons, so joining an athletic fundraiser for the cause is most likely not feasible. Instead, while running a marathon at work, wear scrubs that will show what you care about.

Breast Cancer AwarenessThe best cure for breast cancer is detection. If detected in early stages, it can be so curable. According to the National Career Institute, when breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5-year survival rate is 98%. Additionally, statistics show that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, men can also be affected by this disease. Although rare, it does happen. So go ahead, get you early detection plan on the Breast Cancer Foundation’s website if you haven’t yet. Welcome to 2013 – you can also download an Early Detection App!

Let’s make noise! Let’s continue the fight!

Admit You’re Happy Month

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If you’re happy and you know it…admit it! Don’t bother clapping your hands or stamping your feet. Admitting it does the job. Or so it seems.

There’s got to be power in just simply admitting you are happy. It seems that in this generation – where there is constant advertising about what we need and deserve, we end up feeling entitled. Extras become necessities in our minds. Through advertising, we are told that we should have that nice car, a bigger TV, quicker internet, and more clothes. It’s just that all these extras, which we can actually live just fine without, become basics. That’s when we feel disappointed, even upset that we don’t have the resources to get those seemingly ‘basic’ items. Dashed expectations bring unhappiness.

Colors of HappyWell, you’re about to get a heck of a lot happier right now! It’s August and this month is Admit You’re Happy Month. Interestingly, the four weeks in August are nationally known as National Simplify your Life Week, National Smile Week, Friendship Week, and Be Kind to Humankind Week. With just one quick look at the names of the four weeks, it’s easy to see that all these national August weeks focus on happiness. Simplifying your life greatly increases happiness. Get rid of all the extra noise, spend quality time with your loved ones – that’s bound to bring you to appreciate all that you have. Smiling can do the trick too! You know what they say, “Fake it ’till you make it”. Smile even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll feel it soon enough. Friendship week is to enjoy your friends. Life is busy and just letting those dear friends in brings extra happiness to your heart. Lastly, giving is the ultimate gift. Be Kind to Humankind Week brings us happiness even if we may be giving of ourselves to others.

Nurses, in my opinion, practice Be Kind to Humankind every day on the job. Caring tirelessly for the sick and healing is oh so hard but is also super rewarding. I’m sure you nurses know what I’m talkin’ about. Reward yourself with some scrubs, to make that shift just a little easier. So far, Cherokee Luxe has been receiving awesome reviews. Check it out.

So tell us, what makes you happy?

Sponsored Reviews – What’s Authentic and When Your Favorite Blogger’s Been Bought Off

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Bloggers in the medical field abound, and after a while most of us settle on our favorite bloggers that we follow regularly. While it can be fun, blogging can also be hard to keep up, as evidenced by the many “Sorry it’s been so long!” posts on so many blogs. In order to keep up the flow of blog posts, some bloggers allow some guest blogging, but it’s very common to see sponsored posts every so often. A sponsored product review every now and then is okay, but when it looks like the blogger is enjoying the free products a little too much, readers quickly become disenchanted. Here’s how to tell if your favorite blogger is genuinely sharing a review of a great product, or is being bought off by the lure of free stuff.


If the blogger is a nurse and her blog is based on her profession her product reviews should be of medical scrubs or other nurse paraphernalia. Not the latest video game. Sure, everyone strays off topic once in a while, but when she’s reviewing Tide’s new product you know she’s become a walking advertisement. Bloggers know that their readers are of a certain genre. If they want to keep their fans they have to stick to topics, or products, that will interest their readers.

8-5 blog postAuthenticity

We can assume that the reason you may be following a certain blog in the first place is because the blogger comes across as authentic, among other features which may include humor, sarcasm, information, etc. Product reviews, although different than the conventional blog post, should stick to the tone of the blog. If it sounds too commercial and not in sync with the blogger’s style, it probably is commercial – many companies offer to write the blog post for the blogger so that they can stick in the advertising lingo they prefer. The review may be about Cherokee scrubs, but if every second line has the phrase ‘Cherokee medical scrubs’, you’ve got a big red flag.

A perfect example of a good blog post would be a scrubs review that was recently done by Emily of for Medical Discount Scrubs. It is written in her inimitable style, and readers know that she’s simply sharing her good experience with them. See the full review here:

Full Disclosure

Sponsored product reviews should be fully disclosed. Always. No ifs ands or buts. A blogger who does not disclose that the post is sponsored does not deserve the trust of his/her readers. It is simply misleading, and is unfair to readers.

Like any company that believes in their product, we at Medical Discount Scrubs love good product reviews from well-respected bloggers, and we love to hear feedback. However, we try to ensure that our product reviews follow the unwritten code of the blogging world. Let us know if you have any tips for spotting false advertising!

The Top 4 Benefits of Being a Nurse

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Although tough at times, nursing can be rewarding.

Although tough at times, nursing can be rewarding.

Being a nurse can be hard. Draining. Frustrating. Even horrible at times. You may have forgotten after being a nurse for so long that there actually are advantages to being a nurse. We have put together a list of the 4 top reasons nurses have told us they love their nursing jobs. So whether you’re an old time nurse and forgot why you ever wanted to become one, or a nurse in the making – this list is for you!

1. Portability

The number one reason why nursing is so favorable is because you can practically take it anywhere you go! When you’re starting off at college you may not really be sure where life will take you and where you will end up living. Nursing is one of those professions that you can use your degree mostly anywhere by reciprocating your degree. (There are different requirements for every State Board of Nursing, but the process is pretty simple everywhere.)

2. Flexible Schedule

Let’s put it this way – as a nurse you are not locked into a 9-5 work schedule. You can choose 8, 10, 12 hour shifts during the day, weekends, or nights. The options are endless and you can create a schedule that fits your schedule best. If you prefer a more structured, routine schedule, you can choose a nursing job at a school or something more of that nature.

3. Change of Pace

Face it- we get bored easily. Sitting at a computer for hours a day can get so monotonous it’s hard to stay awake. When you’re a nurse things are never the same. Different patients, different scenarios, possibly different settings. Each situation brings challenge, some you may have never done before. And that is exciting!

4. Scrubs

Oh yeah! I think all nurses will agree that scrubs take the cake. Who wouldn’t want to wear pj’s to work? Nurses stay comfy all day in their uniforms. Better than street clothes, better than business suits and heels for sure! Of course, some scrubs are not all that comfortable and can be quite stiff. Make sure to buy super soft stretchy scrubs like the Dickies Xtreme Stretch scrubs.

If you have any benefits you think we should know about, let us know! We’d love to hear.