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A Look Inside the MDS Offices

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Medical Discount Scrubs

A Peek Into Medical Discount Scrubs Offices

It snowed for the first day here in Jersey! We at Medical Discount Scrubs shuffled in this morning feeling blustery and cold. Inside our offices though, cold is far from what we feel. Cuz the kitchen is fully stocked here at MDS, and brewing our own Kuerig coffee is what makes us tick! So after stomping the snow off of our boots – that’s when the gaiety begins.

There is always something going on at our offices in Howell. Just two days ago we had a show for a new line of scrubs coming out in Spring of 2014 – oh, are they sassy! It’s cool to see the new up and coming styles and colors! And shhh…we also get our first picks at what we want here so that we have ’em before you grab ’em.

Corporate meetings are official yet the sense of camaraderie is unbelievable. Jokes are made in good humor, lunch is on the house and it’s more time to get to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Fun part is, we also do birthday parties, baby showers and holiday gifts and celebrations. So that keeps the friendships and social situation intact and joyful. Back in August, we had one of our customer service representatives move to New York. We couldn’t just let her leave Medical Discount Scrubs – if you know what I’m sayin’. So we threw her a bash and got her a gift. It’s for workplaces like these that scrubs were created!

It’s always a warm feeling to meet a fellow associate at the kitchen and stop for a little coffee break. We’re all a team when it comes to Medical Discount Scrubs, and we feel it too!

July 4th Mini-Vacation Ideas

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July 4th Beach Mini-Vacation

July 4th Beach Mini-Vacation

We can’t believe it either. July 4th is around the corner. What that really means is that it’s the birthday of the good ol’  U.S. Most of us have the work day off on Independence Day but how many of us really loosen up? Most of the time when I have a day off, I sort of use that day to get to my five-month old chores. Organizing the garage, screwing the shelf that’s been shaky all year… Accomplishing? Yes. Rejuvenating? Not so much.

This year, we’re going to really chill out. There are so many family-friendly, relaxing ideas for July 4th that are absolutely pro bono. You can start the day with a late family breakfast then head to the beach. You can even pack sandwiches, snacks or drinks in advance so you don’t have to spend money on the never ending take-out food. Or you can go to a local park, tan and have a picnic. What’s cool about July 4th is that most cities have free concerts, hot dog eating contests, and random, cool shows. Most towns and cities have fireworks at night, too. This can be enjoyable for a night out with friends or for the entire family! A great idea would be to take a camera wherever you go and get some really nice family photos you never have time to take. Simply snap as you’re having a great time – you’ll be happy to capture the memories.

Of course, July 4th is about celebrating our country and coming back to work refreshed the next day. Sometimes it isn’t only the beach and concerts that will bring you to work feeling revitalized. Buying scrubs on our July 4th Blowout Sale is a real breather and will have you feeling completely invigorated.

When I think of July 4th I think beach, fireworks, BBQ and friends. Make that happen!