Father’s Day Gifts for the Medical or Non-Medical Man

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Levi Brown

Father’s Day is less than a week away, so aside for our honorary Father’s Day sale we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts for dads this Father’s Day. We’ve tried to cover everything from long-lasting gifts at the higher end of the spectrum, to cute gizmos and gadgets.

Spa Membership

This is a gift most often associated with women, but if your dad happens to spend his time in the medical field he will definitely appreciate some downtime. Physicians, nurses, and those in the medical field have long hours with few breaks. Time away at a spa is a great way to give your dad a gift that will last, and make a difference in his daily life.

Tool Pens

Neatoshop has the perfect gift for Dad, that Mom will appreciate, too. The tool pens are real handyman tools such as a hammer, pliers, wrench, etc. that are pens at the bottom. They serve double function, and will ensure that Dad can’t forget about the little tasks around the house that are begging for his attention.

Hermetus Beer Bottle Opener and Closer

For the times when one and a half beers are just enough. This chrome-plated gadget effortlessly cracks open beer bottles and reseals them.

Photo Book

Personalized photo books are more common today than photo albums, and there’s no better way to bring out the sentimental side of Dad than with a photo book for him to display in the office. Choose from a variety of online services such as MyPublisher, Snapfish, or Shutterfly, or try Apple’s iphoto service that does all the work for you.

Scrubs for Men

Many Dads don’t have energy or inclination to purchase new scrubs, so they wear the same shapeless stuff until they’re practically threadbare. Spring for a gift card or a new set of Dickies scrubs for men that your Dad will appreciate without having realized how badly he needed the new scrubs.

Along with the list of great gifts for dad, there will always be the gag gifts that you should avoid. Thinking of ‘Team Daddy’ matching t-shirts for dad and the little ones, or creepy stuffed animal? Better just bring a card.

Let us know about some of the best and worst Father’s Day gifts you’ve had the pleasure to give or receive!

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