Happy Backwards Day!

Has the week been kind of boring? Have you been wishing for the perfect excuse to shake things up a bit? Well here it is! Today is Backwards Day! Go on, find the inner child in you and if only to humor yourself, do everything- and I mean everything- backwards! Write backwards, read backwards, talk backwards, walk backwards- just avoid the walls please- and basically whatever has to be done, do it in the reverse order. And if you’re a pediatric nurse you can have extra special fun with this, as kids for some reason get a kick out of doing things the wrong way. Here’s to Backwards Day!

Dress Backwards:

Show up to your shift with the back of your scrubs in the front. The adults may stare at you and wonder if perhaps you’ve lost it, but the kids will find you hilarious. In fact, the Skechers mock wrap top may look kind of good backwards, considering it’s got an all around elastic! And if you really want to get your young patients giggling, wear your shoes on the wrong feet, and your earrings on the wrong side of your ear. Don’t worry, it’s a good kind of crazy!

Dessert First:

Your young charges will love you for this. At meal time, tell them that in honor of Backwards Day they MUST eat their dessert first! Their parents might be horrified, but these children stuck in the hospital deserve something special once in a while. Besides, a little dessert never hurt anybody!

Mix It Up:

If your checkup routine has been the same since forever, now’s your chance to finally mix it up; providing of course that it won’t compromise the health of your patients. Take your patient’s temperature before his/her blood pressure, or ask them how they’re feeling all the way at the end of the checkup instead of right when you walk in. Kids are very perceptive and they’ll pick up on these minor changes instantly! And guess what, they’ll even ask you about it and then you can launch into your Backwards Day speech.

It all may be a bit silly, but it’s fun! So don’t let anyone stop you from exploring your wild side. Oh, and don’t forget to walk out backwards when you leave the room. Have a great Backwards Day! Or should I say, yad sdrawkcab taerg a evah!!

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