Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day seems like the end yet, at the same time it’s the beginning of so much. So which one is it? The beginning or end?

For most, it seems like Labor Day celebrates the end of summer, and the end of vacation. It almost feels like it’s the last licks of barbecues, and the last look at the beach. You better believe that there’s more to it than what meets the eye!

Interestingly, Labor Day was first recognized in 1984 to appease the unionists after the Pullman strike. However, since union memberships have decreased, Labor Day is now recognized as a day to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.

True, Labor Day is recognized as a day when it is no longer fashionable for the color white be worn. That would definitely count as the end of something. Schools start a day after Labor Day, and that would be the beginning. New books, unused supplies, different grade, and a fresh start. Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and College Football seasons too. For some that means saying good-bye to their football-obsessed loved ones. For others it’s saying hello to a whole new world of exciting entertainment.

Since Labor Day is a holiday and is a day off of work, retailers have taken this opportunity to turn this holiday into a sale day – to grab the customers that have free time on their hands. Surprisingly, Labor Day is comparable in sale days to the big Black Friday!

At Medical Discount Scrubs, we love bringing you sales all year round. But on Labor Day we bring it on full force! In honor of this national holiday, our entire site is 25% off. Yup, you read right – a whopping 25%  off every scrub! While you’re ahead check out the Cherokee Luxe 1999 scrub top. As soon as you’ll see it, you’ll know why you did.

Happy Labor Day whether it’s the end or beginning for you!

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