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Blog Launch! An In-Depth View of the Making of a Scrub

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blog post 1 scrub sketchMedical Discount Scrubs is proud to announce the launch of our new medical scrubs blog! In this blog we will share all the latest and greatest about medical scrubs, from the hottest styles and trends to fitting tips, sales and more.
In every product that is introduced to the market the mindsets of consumers and wholesalers are very different, and wholesalers try as best as they can to bridge that gap and reach into the minds of consumers as they work on manufacturing a product. Today we’ll take you on a little tour through the workings of the manufacture of a medical scrub.

Nursing scrub style has evolved tremendously over the years. Wholesalers now have teams of skilled designers who study everything from fashion show trends to current street style and try to come up with ways to incorporate the latest trends into medical scrubs. While they work, however, manufacturers have to keep in mind that scrubs are, at the end of the day, work clothes, and subject to medical institutions’ rules and regulations.
When purchasing new scrubs don’t think that just because it’s on the market, it’s okay for work. Manufacturers do not run their styles by hospital boards before putting nursing uniforms on the market, so keep in mind that you may have to return a style that’s too rad for your supervisor’s taste.
Much of the styling of a scrub is trial and error. At the end of each season manufacturers will review the season’s sales and make adjustments as necessary. Sometimes a scrub style will be pulled after just one season, if it does not sell well.

Scrub brands know that nurses and medical professionals need function above all else, and they try to provide this as much as possible, with numerous pockets and other features. If you’re looking for a truly functional scrub, however, look for scrubs that are marketed as such. At the end of the day there are only so many utilitarian features that can be incorporated into a fashionable scrub, and the truly functional scrubs will suffer a bit in the fashion department.

All scrubs are first manufactured in core colors, which are classic group colors such as white, black, etc. Once the line starts to take off more fashion colors will be added and subtracted according to the seasons. Some fashion colors will do great for a few season and then die out, either due to style changes or designers looking to change things up. If you have an unusual colored scrub that you love, stock up on it! It won’t be around forever.

We at Medical Discount Scrubs are more than just a supplier of medical scrubs; we are an active member of the medical community, and we love to hear feedback from the many medical professionals who fight the good fight on an everyday basis in our scrubs. We welcome comments on everything from your preferred scrub styles, to topics you’d like to read about on the Medical Discount Scrubs blog.

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