Happy Boss’s Day!


Boss's DayAlthough many people may not know this, it’s Boss’s Day on October 16th. This holiday is gaining more popularity each year. I can see why! Can’t you?

Boss’s Day is dedicated to bosses and supervisors. Flowers, cards and gift certificates can be seen in various workplaces that observe this holiday. If I was a boss, I’d sure like it! As an employee, I’d feel obligated but also kind of grateful for this observance. It is an opportunity to show your boss gratitude. I’m sure some employees take advantage of this holiday to get on the good side of their boss’s and win their respect with a lavish token of appreciation. Gifts can be nice in any relationship, but usually not tactful if used as a bribe.

In most cases, sucking up to your boss won’t get you far. Your boss will sense it and possibly end up losing appreciation for you. If you don’t want to brown nose your boss or supervisor in order to be acknowledged, here’s how to gain your boss’s recognition in a balanced way.

Be Committed. Show up to work early, leave when your day is over – not a minute earlier, and keep to your lunch break limit. Although a few minutes here and there seem to be no big deal, commitment shines through when you arrive at work a few minutes before excepted. You’ll be showing your employers that you value your work time and aren’t flippant about it. Be sure to schedule as many personal appointments after hours so that you can be committed at work once you are there.

Maintain a Good Attitude. I get it, sometimes work can be stressful and the pile-up of work can be so agitating and overwhelming. Even though you may not feel happy about getting that extra task thrown onto your plate, smile anyway and complete the job as best you can.

Communicate. Of course communication is also important. You don’t have to swallow your stress. So if you feel overwhelmed and like you’ve been given too many projects to juggle at once, speak your truth in a respectful way.

Quality Work. Try hard to produce quality work. Give it your all and you will be valued.

Be grateful. Sure, you deserve your paycheck. You work hard and you earned it. That doesn’t take away from the fact that your bosses paid you. Thank your employer when you receive your paycheck.

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