How To Properly Wash Your Scrubs at Home

It can be really frustrating that scrubs fade over time. You buy ’em spanking; the color is bright and deep just the way you like it. But just a few washes later they’re a distant relative of the color they once were.

It can also be quite unnerving to think of all the bacteria on your scrubs. After a 12 hour shift scrubs are anything but sanitary. Well, just to name a few – a few different patients’ blood may have ended up on various parts of your attire, there may be some bodily extractions around your mid body region and of course, some spilled food is inevitable. Something tells me the washing machine just won’t cut it. Are you really doing the right thing when washing scrubs at home?

We have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for your scrub wash routine so that your scrubs stay true in color and can be super sanitary as well as.

The need to be autoclaved is real! Washing just doesn't feel enough.

The need to be autoclaved is real!


  • Wash your scrubs with half a cup of white distilled vinegar with every load. This will help set the color and help the scrubs from bleeding and fading.
  • Turn your scrubs inside out before you wash them. When the scrubs are washed inside out, it will help with fading too.
  • If you can, take your scrubs on and off at work. Place them in closed bag and wash them at home. This will minimize the amount of bacteria that will contaminate your scrubs on your way home.
  • Wash your scrubs separate from your regular clothing to minimize the spread of bacteria.
  • 100% Cotton scrubs should be washed in cold water, 65% Cotton/35% Poly scrubs should be washed in warm water.
  • Dry your scrubs in the dryer halfway, then line dry.


  • Don’t overstuff the washing machine when washing scrubs. Scrubs need plenty of room to move around in order get clean.
  • Avoid washing your scrubs in hot water. Hot water can set stains and decrease the quality of your scrubs.
  • Don’t toss your scrubs in the dryer until they are bone dry.

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Wash well and keep clean!

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