HeartSoul Scrubs

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From the brand that has made waves in the junior apparel market, and which has come to you through major retail chains like Kohl’s, JC Penny, and Sears, comes a young, fresh line of medical scrubs sure to capture the hearts of nurses everywhere. HeartSoul is synonymous with on trend designs, unique, signature accents, as well as a tremendous following of diehard HeartSoul girls. And because style matters, HeartSoul has made the momentous decision to infiltrate the scrubs market; a niche which has been somewhat neglected on the fashion scale. Nursing scrubs will no longer be what they once were, as HeartSoul is about to revolutionize the scrubs industry.

HeartSoul fittingly defines heart as something which, “embodies health, hope passion and love,” and, “why we do what we do,” and the soul, as, “the principal of life; our spirit, feelings and thoughts.” The very meaning of the HeartSoul brand brings to mind the hugely talented and completely dedicated healthcare professionals, who are 100% devoted to what they do for humanity. It’s a heart and soul investment, which deserves at the very least, an affordable, top of the line brand of medical scrubs that is completely focused on bringing the best in both fashion and functionality.

Two special HeartSoul collections will be featured come Valentine’s Day, February 14. The Picture Perfect collection features quality fabrics which are soft to the touch, ultra durable, and designed to move with your body. Fun, girly styling, such as princess seams, as well as enchanting little details will take hold of your heart and never let it go. Take the Romance Mock Wrap Top, for example. The mock wrap styling makes this scrub top perfect for the fun loving nurse. It features gorgeous back smocking, HeartSoul’s signature gold, heart-shaped charm, and an interior cell phone pocket with the words, “Ring Ring, Hello…?” adorably embroidered in metallic gold thread.  To complement their tops, the cargo pants in the Picture Perfect collection include a drawstring with the HeartSoul logo charm at each end.

The second collection due out from HeartSoul is the Break On Through collection. Designed for ease of wear, extra functionality, and bursting with personality, the pieces in the Break On Through collection are sure to ignite a little fire in your soul. The True Love V-neck Scrub Top features the signature heart design tape at the back neck for an added pop of personality and funky asymmetrical pockets. But if that isn’t enough to get you running to order, the pieces in this collection also incorporate an innovative headphone cord system. Listening to music to and from shifts will now be a real pleasure.

The pieces from the new HeartSoul line of medical scrubs are sure to create a frenzy among all style conscious nurses, so save the date and be ready to order February 14.  Both tops and bottoms are sure to sell out quickly, as items are available in a host of colors, patterns, and fitted styles. To see the full collection, check out this video. HeartSoul is about to rock your world and change the way you perceive your nursing scrubs.

Work Your Hair While Working In Your Scrubs

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You read the fashion magazines and see the glitz and the glamour of the catwalk. As a nurse, you’re probably thinking you can never look like that on a day to day basis. Banish those negative thoughts, though, because you can;  even in your nursing scrubs. It’s all about working the hair and showcasing a fresh face.  There are tons of runway ready hairdos that are super ideal for the average nurse looking to keep her hair out of her face while tending to patients.  Steal these tips before your next shift and the fierce fashionista in you will come roaring to life.

The Slicked Back Ponytail

This is a fashion must for any nurse with long, luscious locks. It’s always on trend and super easy to achieve. Simply use your hairbrush to pull your hair back into a smooth, yet tight, high pony . The key, though,  is finding a strong enough pony holder to keep your hair in place all day. So if you have extra thick hair, try doubling up the pony-holder for added security throughout  your long shift. And to get that celebrity favorite sleek look, lightly spray a fine tooth comb with extra-hold hairspray and gently smooth back any fly-aways.

Pair your pony with the Cherokee Workwear Novelty V-neck  Top  4746 and the halls at work will suddenly be your runway. This top features fun colors, elegant princess seams, and a slightly dipped v-neck which makes this scrub top delicate and enchanting. The whole look will effortlessly mesh together and  everyone, colleagues and patients alike, will stop to stare.

The Braid

So fun and ultra versatile, the braid is a no brainer for any nurse who doesn’t have the time to blow out her hair. Whether you wear a classic three-strand braid, pigtail braids, french braids, or a more complex fishtail braid, you’ll be making the queen of braids, Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games, jealous! If you’re feeling really bold and you’re interested in channeling a Bohemian vibe, you can turn your braid into a crown. Whichever direction you go in, check out Pinterest for a full range of tutorials. Just make sure you aren’t late for work; it’s that addicting!

The French Bun

If imperfection is your thing, then this is the look for you. It’s a little loose, a little messy, and totally gorgeous. Start off as if you’re making a high pony by gathering your hair at the crown of your head. Then start twisting the pony up towards the ceiling and then wrapping the now twisted pony around itself. Fasten with bobby pins and pull out a few stray pieces to achieve that unkempt look.  It’s bed head at its best, and even better is that this off the face look will allow you to fully flaunt any of your wardrobe pieces from the Cherokee Workwear collection.

Above the Shoulder Cuts

For those nurses who favor shorter hair, we haven’t forgotten about you. Chin length bobs and pixie cuts are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Both these styles are extremely practical. It’s pretty much wash and wear. Talk to your hair stylist before making this daring fashion choice, and explain your needs.  For a working nurse, this hair style is uber-chic , and oh so easy to manage. Give everyone attitude; short hair don’t care!

Don’t be afraid to try out any of these hairstyles and show the world that nurses can work it too!

Nursing Uniforms Throughout the Ages

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The stereotypical nurse is the one with the perfectly starched white apron, dainty little white hat, white socks and white rubber shoes. Notice how “white” is the recurring theme. While this quintessential, iconic image may still linger at the forefront of your mind, the fact is that nursing uniforms have taken quite a journey since its standard 19th century representation.

19th Century

The nurses of the 19th century were not given the respect they garner today. Clad in typical servants’ uniforms, a black gown with a white cap and pristine white apron, these nurses were considered to have a mere street profession. It wasn’t until the 1840’s that nursing as a specialized profession gained some respect. The nurses now started to receive training and shed their servant attire for ladylike gowns with white aprons and caps to indicate that they were nurses. This is when the stark white cap became tantamount to the nursing profession.

Florence Nightingale is credited with taking things a step farther and paving the way for nurses to be recognized as the superiors which they are. Thanks to her, nursing became a reputable line of work.  Nightingale instituted a school system and real uniforms were established. Nurses were now distinguished by a hat and band which displayed their rankings. Nurses fresh out of school wore pastel colored bands, while senior nurses, as well as nursing teachers, wore black bands.

20th Century

Once the 1900s rolled around, nursing uniforms became noticeably different from the servant uniforms they used to resemble. They now featured a button down top with pointy collar, a white bib and apron, and pockets for holding all the little things a nurse may need. They also began to wear large hats reminiscent of a nun’s high hat, if only to borrow an added measure of respectability.

WWI  saw the nursing uniforms redesigned once again, as functionality became key. Shirts were shortened, aprons removed and sleeves rolled up, all for the effortless movement needed on the battlefield. The 1950s saw the large, crown like caps worn during WWI replaced with comfortable and simpler paper hats, and the practice of using hats to connote status was dropped. Dresses also became less fitted as no one had the time to tend to intricately tailored gowns. Best of all, these new uniforms were a pleasure to wash, iron, and of course wear.

By the late 1970s, the nursing hat which came to define nurses for so long became obsolete, and male nurses began to wear cheaper nursing scrubs which quickly became the latest fashion craze. These scrubs came close enough to casual, regular clothing and nurses came to really appreciate them.


In today’s hospitals, all medical staff wear nursing scrubs for hygienic purposes and the only thing differentiating a nurse from a doctor, or even other staff for that matter, is a name tag. At times medical centers will mandate certain colors or patterns for the medical scrubs worn by nurses and doctors. That aside, nursing scrubs generally resemble typical drawstring pants and v-neck t-shirts. They’re available in so many styles and colors these days, it’s literally like shopping for your average top or pair of pants. So go all out and have fun with your uniform!

Handling the Holidays

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happy thanksgivingToday is Thanksgiving. For the rest of the world this means vacation. As a nurse though, chances are you’ll be covering a regular shift. While not being able to spend this special time with close family and friends can be disappointing, you can still make the most of it by simply readjusting your attitude and approaching the situation from a different perspective. You’ll see it really isn’t too terrible to spend the holidays in your scrubs.

Plan a Fun Time With Your Co-workers:
No one said you can’t enjoy the holidays just because you’ll be spending it in the hospital. Your colleagues are practically family given the amount of time you spend together, so why not take advantage of that. Maybe plan a special meal together and have everyone bring their favorite dish from home, or organize a fun game to bring on the laughs.  You can even indulge in a little retail therapy by shopping for some fashionable new scrubs. Covering a shift when Black Friday begins? Not a problem. Simply visit Medical Discount Scrubs on the web and enjoy 25% off while you browse the latest and most stylish medical scrubs. They even carry maternity scrubs for all you moms-to-be.

Cheer Up the Patients:
Being in the hospital over the holidays is definitely not something a patient chooses. What’s more, they’re most likely feeling quite sick and missing those nearest and dearest to them. Lucky you though, after your shift is over you get to go home to your loved ones and enjoy whatever is left of the holiday. So take a step back, and instead of thinking about what you’re missing out on, go the extra mile and try to bring the holiday spirit to those under your care. Bring each of your patients a card, wear something fun and spunky, and just make sure to make the holidays all about them.

Be Grateful:
Don’t harp on the fact that you’re working and all your friends are not. Instead be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, such as the fact that you have a stable job which you actually enjoy, and the fact that you’re healthy while your patients are not.  As a plus, you’ll be getting holiday pay while you work to cheer up those around you, which you can then go and spend at Medical Discount Scrubs 25% off sale on Black Friday. Check out their Cherokee scrubs in particular; they’re oh so chic and super fashionable!

5 by 5: Reasons to be Thankful

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Nurses Rock!

I know what you’re thinking – I wish I can get paid more. It would be awesome to have just one more nurse on this shift. If only my nurse manager was a tad bit easier to communicate with, I’d be thankful. Or maybe I’d be thankful if the nurse before my shift actually stayed to explain what is going on the chaotic floor!

Yeah, nursing can be a pain in the neck, for the lack of better terms, and it can be quite frustrating at times (to say the least)! So with thanksgiving around the corner, here are a 5 things every nurse can be thankful for!

1) Comfortable Scrubs

Back in the day, scrubs were legit paper. Maybe even sand paper. Imagine wearing those for 12 hours shifts! Ugh, that would suck. Nowadays, scrubs are even comfier than the typical professional work wear.  I’m pretty sure even the cheaper scrubs are more comfortable than those sterile, awkward business suits.

2) Technology

Imagine memorizing the enormous amount of medical terminology. My brain would be overloaded! With just a tap on the screen on your phone, you can now access all the information you need. From medications and definitions, to measurements and charting, it’s all there on an app.

3) Never a Dull Moment

There were days at my office job where it was just so dead boring that I just couldn’t help it – my eyelids drooped. It’s difficult not to fall asleep at jobs like those. And it’s not because there is nothing to do, it’s just so unstimulating. Well with nursing, you definitely don’t need to be worried about that! Whether it’s that call button (again!) or if it’s the regular vitals check, you’re never bored.

4) Predictable Weather

It’s so much nicer to watch the snow fall to the ground from the indoors. The heat is blasting and I’m comfortable.

5) “When you are a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” 

Let’s face it. Nursing is a career that demands a lot from us. But what I get in return offers me so much more. The feeling of being completely selfless, being there for someone else is simply irreplaceable. And for that I am thankful.

A Look Inside the MDS Offices

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Medical Discount Scrubs

A Peek Into Medical Discount Scrubs Offices

It snowed for the first day here in Jersey! We at Medical Discount Scrubs shuffled in this morning feeling blustery and cold. Inside our offices though, cold is far from what we feel. Cuz the kitchen is fully stocked here at MDS, and brewing our own Kuerig coffee is what makes us tick! So after stomping the snow off of our boots – that’s when the gaiety begins.

There is always something going on at our offices in Howell. Just two days ago we had a show for a new line of scrubs coming out in Spring of 2014 – oh, are they sassy! It’s cool to see the new up and coming styles and colors! And shhh…we also get our first picks at what we want here so that we have ’em before you grab ’em.

Corporate meetings are official yet the sense of camaraderie is unbelievable. Jokes are made in good humor, lunch is on the house and it’s more time to get to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Fun part is, we also do birthday parties, baby showers and holiday gifts and celebrations. So that keeps the friendships and social situation intact and joyful. Back in August, we had one of our customer service representatives move to New York. We couldn’t just let her leave Medical Discount Scrubs – if you know what I’m sayin’. So we threw her a bash and got her a gift. It’s for workplaces like these that scrubs were created!

It’s always a warm feeling to meet a fellow associate at the kitchen and stop for a little coffee break. We’re all a team when it comes to Medical Discount Scrubs, and we feel it too!

Halloween is here!

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It’s Halloween tonight! What does that mean for nurses? For some it means the night off, parties, friends, family, tricks and treats. For others, it’s just another day in the eventful life of a nurse. For the latter it means dispensing meds, being there for a patient, holding in their pee, being puked on and many other less-than-pretty nurse happenings.

Can you bring the spirit of Halloween to your floor or job even if you’re working on Halloween? Absolutely! It can be upsetting to have to work when it seems like the rest of the world is having fun and socializing. You can have that too. Get out of the gloom and bring the Halloween spirit on! With just a few, cheap and quick ideas, you can have Halloween on your dreadful shift!

halloweenDress Up. This doesn’t have to be a major costume. You can wear a cute tutu above your scrubs, a sassy tiara, a funky wig, or crazy colorful eyelashes. These items can be purchased at a low cost or can be even found in your home! Your patients and fellow nurses will catch the Halloween spirit too!

Dispense Some Goodies. Since some patients have dietetic limitations, candy or candy bars may not be the greatest idea. Getting something universal, like a little Halloween toy, may be your best option. Bendable miniature Halloween people, small plastic ghosts and witches, or eyeball glasses can be fun for everyone. Although a goody this small is seemingly insignificant, it’s the thought and the spirit that counts with this one. No need to go over the top.

Halloween Lingo. Bring the Halloween spirit on by using words such as “boo” and “spooky”. You can also use a play on words to make the context lighter. You can say “spooktacular”, “boo-tiful” or “hell-arious”. The options are really quite endless.

So get out of the funk and bring the Halloween spirit on!

We would like to thank the devoted and caring nurses all around the world who are saving lives while others are enjoying their holiday time. Nurses rock – angels in scrubs!

Pumpkin Spice There & Everywhere!

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pumpkin spiceThe smell of pumpkin spice just makes me feel so cozy and warm. It puts me in a comforting place of beautiful hues of red and orange foliage, incredibly smelling coffee shops, and warm, oversized clothes. It makes me in the mood to sing to Christmas carols, and shop great sales at the magnificently decorated malls while snow is falling to the ground. Pumpkin spice is the heart of fall and start of the winter. I think if not for pumpkin spice, fall would be a whole lot more damp and dreary in our minds.

Pumpkin spice.  It’s a smell and flavor. Weird that it can change my whole outlook on winter. Because literally without that, I would be seriously grieving the loss of summery weather and dreading the cold, and I mean very cold, early nights. In my mind that don’t make much sense. A fragrance can change my mood? Apparently, heck yeah!

Science has proven that smells can be a huge trigger for memories and feelings. This is scientifically known as olfactory memory. The olfactory bulb, the vertebrate forebrain involved in the perception of odors, is situated closely to the amygdala, the area of the brain that experiences emotion. You may have wondered why when smelling a specific perfume odor that you’ve last smelled 7 years ago, you are filled with joy and content. Or maybe there is a certain aroma that brings up sad, or harsher feelings. The smell of the spice fenugreek, reminds me of sweet, older Indian neighbors I had when I was 5 years old. Every single time I smell it. Now that’s powerful!

No wonder why pumpkin spice changed my whole outlook on Fall! Pumpkin spice has historically been around in the fall at thanksgiving dinners, just about everywhere when the leaves have started to fall, and when our attire gets thicker and cozier. While I do miss the hot weather and wish it would get dark later, I’m easing into winter with a toasty cup of pumpkin spice coffee in my hands. That’s all I need! Well, I still need my scrubs and stethoscope to keep me going but other than that -I’m good.

What If?

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Do you ever wonder what if? The world is wide, wide open to what-ifs. What-ifs can be super duper exciting or really freaky. Going down the road of what-ifs is always fun if you stay on the positive side of things.

What if the whole world wore scrubs? Oh! The world would just be such a comfortable place! We would all be crashing in comfy pajamas everywhere. Maybe fashion competition would go down because the options in scrubs are far smaller than the apparel options available today. Maybe I’d be tired of just wearing scrubs and would want to wear something more…

what if money tree


What if there were actually money trees? Our moms would definitely not be able to tell us, “Money doesn’t grow on trees, sweetheart”. That would be the life! Money here, money there, money growing everywhere. There would have to be some sort of rules and regulations system regarding which trees you can pick from and which you can’t, otherwise the world would be quite chaotic. Money on trees still sounds like a good idea to me!

What if humans could fly? Highways would have to be built up high, that’s for sure. We would see the world by just soaring. We’d have the opportunity to go to our favorite places in the world without paying a expensive price tag for travel fare. That would be quite the joy!

What if you can get one wish when you turn 60? I’d probably change my mind many times over throughout my life until I turned 60! What would your wish be? Maybe you’d want wings, maybe ready-made delicious food for the rest of your life, maybe health, maybe love.

What if you shared the what-ifs you’re thinking of? Have you ever thought of any? What are they?

Happy Boss’s Day!

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Boss's DayAlthough many people may not know this, it’s Boss’s Day on October 16th. This holiday is gaining more popularity each year. I can see why! Can’t you?

Boss’s Day is dedicated to bosses and supervisors. Flowers, cards and gift certificates can be seen in various workplaces that observe this holiday. If I was a boss, I’d sure like it! As an employee, I’d feel obligated but also kind of grateful for this observance. It is an opportunity to show your boss gratitude. I’m sure some employees take advantage of this holiday to get on the good side of their boss’s and win their respect with a lavish token of appreciation. Gifts can be nice in any relationship, but usually not tactful if used as a bribe.

In most cases, sucking up to your boss won’t get you far. Your boss will sense it and possibly end up losing appreciation for you. If you don’t want to brown nose your boss or supervisor in order to be acknowledged, here’s how to gain your boss’s recognition in a balanced way.

Be Committed. Show up to work early, leave when your day is over – not a minute earlier, and keep to your lunch break limit. Although a few minutes here and there seem to be no big deal, commitment shines through when you arrive at work a few minutes before excepted. You’ll be showing your employers that you value your work time and aren’t flippant about it. Be sure to schedule as many personal appointments after hours so that you can be committed at work once you are there.

Maintain a Good Attitude. I get it, sometimes work can be stressful and the pile-up of work can be so agitating and overwhelming. Even though you may not feel happy about getting that extra task thrown onto your plate, smile anyway and complete the job as best you can.

Communicate. Of course communication is also important. You don’t have to swallow your stress. So if you feel overwhelmed and like you’ve been given too many projects to juggle at once, speak your truth in a respectful way.

Quality Work. Try hard to produce quality work. Give it your all and you will be valued.

Be grateful. Sure, you deserve your paycheck. You work hard and you earned it. That doesn’t take away from the fact that your bosses paid you. Thank your employer when you receive your paycheck.

You in the medical field? This Boss’s Day maybe buy your boss some of the latest scrubs on the market. Dickies Xtreme Stretch is a complete new line of super comfortable scrubs.