Dry Skin? Nurses (Unfortunately) Win!

“Feel how smooth my hands are,” said no nurse EVER! That’s because the constant, (and I mean constant!) washing and rewashing of your hands, which is just a part of the nurse’s life, has probably worn out your skin to the point that it’s rough, chapped, and in some really bad cases, bleeding.  All is not lost though; there IS hope. All you need to do is give your hard working hands a little TLC, and voila; watch as your hands slowly but surely regenerate its beautiful skin- the same skin you thought would forever remain but an echo of your childhood. So let’s get cracking (no pun intended!) and get you through this great list of tips for restoring your skin to its ultimate smoothness!

Stay Covered:

I know we may all be in denial, but winter is still here, and that means bundling up. Exposing your hands to the elements, particularly the cold wind, is not doing your already rough hands any favors. On the contrary, you’ll just be making it worse.  So invest in a great pair of gloves, and if you already have, then wear them; even if you’re running out for just a minute! It’s your first line of defense. It goes a step farther as well. Wear your gloves indoors! No not your winter gloves, silly; but the thin cotton gloves which can be found at your local drug store and slipped under the irritant inducing latex gloves.

Pamper Yourself:

You’ve got to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! The moisturizing product you use should have a super thick consistency because those lightweight moisturizers are a joke for you nurses. How thick, you ask? Thick enough that you when you put a dollop on your hand and turn it over, it will not budge! Yup, that thick! And it’s not enough to do this once a day or even twice. For optimal results, you have to aim to moisturize after every single washing. Therefore, I’d suggest purchasing a travel size, and keeping it in your pocket. The Perfect Stretch 1946 v-neck scrub top by Cherokee is stylish, and features great patch pockets which will inconspicuously store your much needed moisturizer.

Learn the Rules:

When you wash your hands, use warm or cold water, and NEVER hot water. Make sure to avoid hand soaps which contain alcohol, because alcohol can sting your already chapped skin, not to mention, further dry out your hands. And when drying your hands, never ever rub them, just gently blot with a cotton towel as opposed to a paper towel. It’s the little things that matter!

Call it ‘Project Skin Restoration’ or any other name you’d like. But whatever you call it, stick to the above regimen! It’ll be well worth it when you can flaunt those great looking hands, and even get a manicure. Yup, a manicure will become a reality!

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